How Billy and Andy Carroll’s Mexico Honeymoon Failed and Why She Didn’t Change Her Last Name

BILLY Macklow and Andy Carroll’s honeymoon went awry after they tried to forbid talking about the shame of his bachelor party.

Kristen Bell Tattoos can report that the couple were determined not to discuss what happened during their post-wedding vacation in Mexico.


Billy Macklow and Andy Carroll honeymoon in Mexico.1 credit
But the holiday was overshadowed by his shame


But the holiday was overshadowed by his shame “three in a bed.”Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

But a few days later, it resurfaced, casting a shadow over the trip captured by the Sun in Sunday pictures over the weekend.

The friend said: “As angry and upset as Billy was, she was determined not to let this ruin the honeymoon.

“That’s why she was focused on not discussing it while they were in Mexico, which obviously suited Andy perfectly.

“But Billy is only human and she still hurts. For the first time in a long time they were together, so the conversation naturally turned to what happened, and Billy again emphasized that she would not leave anything unpunished.

Billie Macklow broke her honeymoon silence after Carroll's 'three in bed' bachelor party
Andy Carroll and Billy Macklow look gloomy on their honeymoon after a bachelor party

The friend added: “For the most part, they had a good time and tried to make sure they had great memories, but sometimes it was hard, and the emotions of the last few weeks burst out.

“Andy may have a honeymoon and only a week of marriage, but he knows he’s already drinking at the last chance saloon.”

Billy, 34, and former England international Andy, 33, we were at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire less than two weeks ago.

After the wedding, they flew to a five-star resort in Mexico, where the master bedroom costs £1,282 per night.

But despite the luxurious setting, viewers said that the atmosphere between the pair seemed “frosty”.

It comes after Andy, 33, a former English footballer, passed out in a hotel bed with two blondes at a bachelor party last month.

Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that a drunk Andy invited bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkie, 27, and fitness instructor Phoebe Robb, 26, to his Dubai suite after an afternoon of drinking.

Taylor later apologized to Billy, stating that nothing happened between them. But Billy was shaken by the news, taking off her diamond engagement ring and deleting Andy’s picture from her Whats-App profile.

The former Towie star, who has three kids with Andy, nevertheless got on with her big day.

But Kristen Bell Tattoos can report that she hasn’t decided yet if she’ll change her last name to Carroll after they tied the knot.

Billie, who came to prominence thanks to Towie in 2010, is said to be considering dropping her maiden name Macklow.

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The friend explained, “It’s very important for Billie to change her name after everything she’s been through and she’s just not in a position to make that decision at the moment.

“She’s going to take some time and see how she really feels about it.”

Billy and Andy got married less than two weeks ago


Billy and Andy got married less than two weeks ago1 credit
Billy hasn't decided yet whether to change her last name.


Billy hasn’t decided yet whether to change her last name.1 credit
The couple married at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.


The couple married at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.1 credit

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