How Chelsea Peretti’s penchant for character-breaking changed Gina to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

According to buzzfeed, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg, who played Jake Peralta, shared that Peretti had a habit of breaking character and laughing while filming episodes during San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. He explained that the show’s writers decided to implement this trait when they came up with her scenes. “Chelsea stopped trying. The fact that she was always laughing became part of her character,” shared Samberg.

During an interview with Young Hollywood, Peretti admitted that she and her co-stars often laughed while filming the show. She also shared that she enjoyed improvising with her co-stars while filming each episode. “You get the scripted version and they let you play it over and over and I love doing it, it was fun,” the comedian explained.

In an interview in 2016 Paley Media Center, Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Michael Schur gave more information about on-set improvisation. He explained that the actors were initially required to film the scene exactly as it was written. They were then allowed to have a “fun run” where improvisation was encouraged. “The concept of fun is that once we shoot the scene properly and get to the script version, they get to do whatever they want… The philosophy is that scripts are not poetry, you know, they not like the sonnets of John Keats written on the wall of the building,” Schur explained.

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