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Jane Seymour has been in the entertainment industry for over 50 years, so she knows what it takes to have a successful career in Hollywood. The 71-year-old actress takes the same strategic approach when it comes to grooming. For her, it’s not about trying to keep up with trends, but about embracing inner beauty and creating a “better canvas” on which that natural beauty will shine, including one “secret weapon” she’s loved for years.

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Ruby’s Choice At a recent virtual roundtable for beauty brand Crepe Erase attended by, the star noted that “there is a certain look and every generation has its own aesthetic.” (Perhaps this is a veiled reference to the Kardashian family?) But Seymour made sure to add that she “doesn’t curse it” — she just looks at beauty through a different lens.

The mom-of-four has a philosophy that it’s her “responsibility to create the best canvas” as an actress so she can “radiate character through the canvas.” Seymour believes it’s important to “stay as healthy as possible and have stamina”, which is why she enjoys her continued success in television and film. Her skincare also includes Crepe Erase’s new Ultra Smoothing Neck Repair, which helps to “visibly tighten, firm and lift” her skin with innovative TruFirm+ technology that helps support “skin’s own elastin production” through “patented gravity” . – challenging peptides.

Seymour loves their products so much that she’s been their brand ambassador for nearly two years now and swears it’s one of her “secret weapons” for hydrating and hydrating her skin.

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Jane Seymour, brand ambassador for Crepe Erase.
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“For me, beauty comes from within, it comes from health. I think if you’re healthy and full of energy and happy and your body and mind are working… and you’re not all about yourself, you’re a little more than that,” she explains.

Seymour understands what it means to be a hot commodity in Hollywood because she played one of the most iconic Bond characters early in her career as Solitaire in the 1972 James Bond film. Live and let die – and she is the oldest woman to have been photographed for Playboy magazine at the age of 67 (come on, Jane!). While she jokes that she may have “ditched the bikini” on camera, she promises that “on social media a swimsuit photo pops up from time to time” because she still wants to “show [her] body” and flaunt that he’s 71 and thriving.

“I am very active. I like being out of the house; I like being on the beach,” she says. “I don’t want to wear long sleeves all the time.”

Despite his stunning looks, Seymour never takes his career for granted. She calls herself “lucky” to be working consistently, especially since ageism is still seeping into the casting landscape, and adds, “There aren’t many actresses my age still working.”

She wants Hollywood to know that she is “not tired of looking young, feeling young, acting young” and shared the story of a miraculous discovery that happened when she celebrated her big birthday last year. “When I turned 70, there was no switch that said, ‘Now it’s over.’ In fact, the opposite happened, ”says Seymour. “Suddenly I had my own series, and the youth wanted to watch it.”

Her television series “Acorn”, Harry Wild, a detective show about intergenerational buddies, takes up a lot of the topics she talked about during the roundtable – ageism, the seasons, and why women shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s the perfect job for her, along with her Crepe Erase ambassador, to remind the entertainment industry that women over 70 thrive. “I am a busy person, I am a grandmother,” she enthuses. “And I really want to represent not only body positivity, but women’s positivity for every generation.”

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