How Danny Elfman created the iconic The Simpsons theme song in the most awkward place

It’s worth noting that Danny Elfman started his composing career relatively early when he was approached to write music for The Simpsons, although he made a name for himself working on films like Big Pee-wee. Adventure”, “Midnight Run” and “Scrooge”. As Elfman said Noise11 in a 2021 interview, he didn’t think anything would come of his work when he first met with The Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening, suggesting, “I said, ‘No one is going to see this thing.’ It’s just for fun.” ”

Elfman still presented his retro theme song concept to Groning, who immediately approved of it. Apparently, he spent little time getting started on the piece and even less time completing it, stating: “I wrote this in the car on the way home from that meeting. By the time I got home, it was done.” Assuming the meeting took place in Los Angeles, this trip home could have taken some time due to traffic, but it’s still an amazing feat. Elfman goes on to state that he started recording his favorite theme song on an old 4-track tape recorder when he got home and sent a demo to Groening shortly thereafter. “I sent Matt the demo the next day and he called me back and just said, ‘Yes. That’s it,” adds Elfman, noting, “I’ve never done anything that went so easy.”

In general, The Simpsons theme song is just under a minute and a half long (although there is an extended version that runs 1 minute 37 seconds). Possibly the most recognizable piece of music that has ever aired on television, and it all came together during the car ride home.

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