How Deadliest Catch’s Keith Colburn Determines Limits He Won’t Cross

For those who follow the Deadly Catch series, the personalities of Keith Colburn, the Wizard’s captain, become more and more familiar as the seasons progress. Aside from the constant ticks and superstitions that Colburn never hides, viewers can expect him to be taken seriously, “do it your way or get another job”. And this professional philosophy “by the rules” is inextricably linked to ensuring the safety of his team.

CrabWizard explains that for Colburn, risk management begins with understanding the limits of the boat itself. For this Captain Wizard, this includes understanding that his particular boat, due to its size, is very stable compared to other vessels in the fleet. This means that while the ship can cut through waves and rough waves rather than swing over them, the Wizard’s low waterline makes it more likely that a large wave can hit the deck more often, as well as the fisherman.

However, despite the fact that instinct in specific situations plays a role in Colburn’s accurate decision making, the captain does this work long enough to know his limits. In fact, he’s been through enough situations, both on and off camera, to know how far he’s willing to go. In an interview with Build, he explains that all his years of experience have helped him draw the line when it comes to risk. This line is defined after Colburn asks himself, “Where have I taken myself and my team before and gotten away with it?” That’s when Colburn knows how far he’s willing to go. “This is my limit and I’m not going to approach that limit again.”

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