How did Billy Elish persuade fashion house Oscar de la Renta to dig in?

When Bailey Elish. Two weeks ago, he stepped on the gray carpet at the Met Gala in New York, wearing a floor-length Oscar de la Renta peach toll gown, leaving photographers and fans in awe. “Bad Man” The 19-year-old singer, who recently changed a photo after appearing on the cover. British VogueDefinitely stated in her huge frock with the long train, even if some fashion critics were skeptical about choosing this year’s theme with ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’. How appropriate When some people thought that the cat was referring to Marilyn Monroe, they found out that she was trying to refer to Holiday Barbie. But even if people didn’t necessarily understand the message, they certainly understood that the cat was moving in a different direction and was starting to engage with the top fashion brands.

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Although you’ve probably seen pictures of cats circulating on the Internet since the Met Gala, you won’t be familiar with Oscar de la Renta’s other work with the brand. So what is the cat doing behind the scenes?

The cat has a keen interest in animal welfare.

The cat has long been vocal about its interest in animal welfare, and in 2019 has declared fur-wearing mink fur “offensive”. When a video of mink hiding in a tree went viral online, the singer commented: “You just know it’s mink. You don’t like ****** mink lashes and mink slippers.” Before adding: “Where is your heart?” Elsh also said that it is “Surprisingly, in 2021, wearing fur at this location is not completely illegal.. ”

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It is also called the meat industry.

“Bury a friend,” the singer has also called on the meat and dairy industries, which she calls “animal tortures.” The comment came in response to an Instagram post showing employees kicking and pushing calves to the floor at Fair Oaks Farm, Indiana. “I keep my mouth shut most of the time because I believe everyone should eat and say whatever they want …

Billy made a deal with the Oscar de la Renta brand.

In an Instagram post about the Matt Gala look, Billy explained the story behind the dress, and at the Oscar de la Renta agreed to dig into the fur in his product: “Designing this beautiful dress and my ideas Thanks to Oscar de la Renta for bringing it. And a vision of life, “he wrote. “It was an honor to wear this dress knowing that going to Oscar de la Renta would be completely skin free !!!!”

He added, “I’m glad @ fernandogarciam1205 and oktokibunbun and the whole team heard me on this issue, and now they’ve made a change that’s great not only for the animals but for our planet and the environment.” Also, I am honored to be a catalyst and have been heard on this issue. I urge all designers to do the same.

The Oscar de la Renta brand is happy to move forward.

The fashion brand is also pleased with the decision, and the company sees it as a sign of changing their needs and adapting to the modern world. I commented New York TimesAlex Bowden, chief executive of Oscar de la Renta, said that engaging with the pop star is the only way to make the brand completely skin-free. “I thought a lot about what Oscar had to say – he was a big fan of fur, by the way – what he was really worried about in the fashion business was getting old,” Bolen said.

Oscar de la Renta’s key designers, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, have already stopped adding fur to their runway designs, saying they no longer have fur. “Elegant, modern or relevant.. But the cat’s move means the brand will no longer use fur in its store products.

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He also made Pita happy with this move.

The decision to wear the cat brand and promote its ideas was also positively supported by the animal rights organization PETA. She welcomed the news that a vegetarian menu had been introduced at this year’s event, and PETA President Ingrid Newark said she also hoped the audience would keep animal activities in mind. PETA wrote on Twitter: ‘He wore scOscarDeLaRenta for the #MateGala, but on one condition that the company be free of fur and they’re gone! Tonight, Bailey Ellis was stunned in a #wagon silk-free dress.

The cat is credited with restoring the anti-fur movement.

Ever since its shape began and Oscar de la Renta has shared his news with the world about changing the position on fur, Billy has praised the world’s interest in the issue of fur in fashion. Animal fur is still a big business globally, and the 2015 fur was recently announcedBack in fashion, And is especially popular in Asian markets. Elish proved that there is still work to be done when it comes to fur and he used his platform to raise the issue.

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This Bailey Elsh song is being used for an Australian anti-bullying campaign.

A Bailey Elsh song has been used in an Australian anti-bullying video that has been uploaded to YouTube.

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