How did Emily Alexis Bledel leave The Handmaid’s Tale?

Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel. Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup for FX/Shutterstock; David Fisher/Shutterstock

Difficult goodbye. The Handmaid’s Tale said goodbye to the original cast Alexis Bledel ahead of season 5 – which has been tough for the star Elisabeth Moss.

“I love Alexis. I have known Alexis for many years, since our Madmen days. So, I love her very much. We were very sad that she couldn’t join us this year, but I think she’s great,” said the 40-year-old actress. Entertainment tonight in an interview published on Wednesday, September 14.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, I’ll be honest with you, because she’s such a wonderful, fantastic part of the show,” Moss added.

Bledel, 40, played Emily, one of June’s (Moss) early allies in the dystopian Gilead, where June and Emily were repeatedly raped and forced to have children. Gilmore girls Alum won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of a tortured maid. However, Bledel – who was recently divorced Vincent Kartheiser after eight years of marriage, she announced that she would not return for the fifth season of the Hulu hit.

“After much thought, I felt that I must move away from The Handmaid’s Tale at this time,” she said. Diversity in a statement in May. “I’m forever grateful [executive producer] Bruce Miller for writing such truthful and resonant scenes for Emily, and Hulu, MGM, the cast and crew for their support.”

Emily was written off-camera, which Moss felt was “very well done”.

The Handmaid’s Tale The fifth season premiered on Wednesday, after Commander Fred was killed by Emily and the others in June (Joseph Fiennes). Several refugees who fled Gilead said they were leaving Canada to return and take revenge. Emily was already on her way.

Emily’s wife, Sylvia (Clea Duvall), later reveals to June that Emily called to say she was leaving her and their son. “I think she is back in action. Find Aunt Lydia if she can. This is what she needed to do,” says Sylvia.

Despite her heartbreak, she admits that her spouse “needs” to return. However, Sylvia knows that she will “never see her again”. The escape from Gilead, for once, was a miracle.

However, when June realizes how much power Serena has (Yvonne Strahovski) still has over her, she realizes that returning may be the only way to get revenge.

“She’s making some crazy choices and so I think the idea of ​​her going back to Gilead is very realistic,” Moss said. ET. “And it gave us the opportunity, which I really enjoyed, to match that with June, because June is constantly struggling with whether to come back or not. So it gave us the opportunity to show what it’s like when you leave your family.”

The story leaves the door open for Bledel to return for the sixth and final season if she changes her mind.

While Moss and others prepared for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 to hit Hulu, Bledel dealt with her divorce. Kartheiser, 43, filed for divorce from Bledel on August 10. Us weekly exclusively confirmed. A week later, court documents received Us confirmed that there had already been a submission for the proposed decision and settlement in the divorce case. By the end of the month, the judge completed the separation.

The former couple began dating in 2012 after meeting on set. Madmen a year before. In 2015, their son was born.

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