How did the balletcore enter the mainstream?

Pink never goes out of style, and ballet fashion proves it. Yes, ballet is no longer just for those who make art, it has become an everyday aesthetic for people of all genders, shapes and sizes. The ultra-feminine fashion style that is popular on our feeds and FYP on social apps like Instagram and TikTok is an upgraded version of sportswear.

Combining mostly flats, ribbons, endless tulle, hair bows and cardigans, the allure of the balletcore trend is easy to understand, both effortlessly chic and easy to get. But where did it come from? Why are we suddenly seeing people embracing this trend across all social media? When Teenage fashion asked fashion historian Rachel Weingarten how ballet became popular, the answer was simple: it never went away.

“Balletcore is a by-product of trends that started with cottagecore and evolved into princesscore and beyond,” explains Weingarten. “During the pandemic, we have made sportswear a fetish because we stopped pretending to dress up for all our zooms. Till And just like that,is he Sex in the city The reboot received incredibly mixed reviews, it hit our nostalgia a lot. It also reminded us of Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic moment in her pink tutu. In a way, ballet feels almost like a protective blanket. We can hold on to the pretty clothes we wore [children] like an adult.”

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Of course, apart from tulle and tutus, the key element of the trend is pink, which has always been political. But as gender binaries and sexist double standards break down in real time, it also means rebranding what and who the color is for. The art of ballet is traditional dominated by thin white women, but in 2022, people of all backgrounds will be represented in sport and style. Victoria, a real-life ballerina who has adopted the aesthetic of ballet into her everyday style, says she sees people getting into ballet after discovering their passion for ballet fashion.

“I think a lot of people wanted to be dancers when they were young and ballet became so popular that they had a chance to make their childhood dreams come true,” Victoria says. Teenage fashion. “People want to embody the elegance and grace of ballerinas. What I love about ballet becoming so popular is that many people are inspired to take up ballet even as an adult. Dancing is an amazing hobby and it’s never too late to start.”

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The fundamental rule of fashion is that it alludes to other forms of art, especially the media. Ballet as a media genre – whether it’s a real-life company like the Paris Opera Ballet, or a movie, or a TV show – has always been extremely popular and intriguing, so it was only a matter of time before it became fashionable.

“For as long as there has been performing arts, there has been a drive to copy and imitate what you see,” Weingarten adds. “In films like Black Swan and A turning point, the ballet dancers were less innocent and sometimes downright evil. Movie Glory is another interesting way to portray the beauty of ballet with the rigors of becoming a young dancer. Video by Sophie Ellis-Bextor for Murder on the dance floor accepted the ideas and ideals of ballet along with the high camp. birds of paradise added Euphoria vibe to ballet; it’s beautiful, but also different.”

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