How do fans feel about Nicole Erie Parker joining ‘and so on …’

No news yet. Low caterpillar. Join, but lots of news. Nicole Erie Parker! who is that? The actress is the latest addition to the stunning trio we all know and love to re-occupy the bustling streets of NYC!

We have been informed that Mr. Bug will be there., With many Gender and cityOf Memorable character, but notorious Samantha Jones, Will not. We’ve gotten in the habit of watching the real four together all the time on the cosmos and gossiping about relationships at brunch every morning, but the announcement of the show’s resumption was initially only for Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. Was done with Chaos erupted when they were excited. SATC Turns out that Kim Kettle will not return.!

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However, the Manhattan trio have now welcomed the fourth best in the mix, actress Nicole Eri Parker, who The documentary is starring Lisa Todd Wexley.. Let’s see what to say about the increase in people. And just like that …!

More Merrier.

Although fans and paparazzi continue to share photos of the filming crew on the streets of New York City, the cast is silent about coming.

SJP, who posted some behind-the-scenes photos of the show, shared a new partner! Pictured is Nicole Eri Parker – her new BFF on the show – and actor Christopher Jackson with the irreplaceable Mario Canton. The SJP had to say something sweet and healthy with the title of the photo, “Today we are a big and very happy group. Friday is very sweet with our new cast and family members @nicoleariparker and @ cjack930X, SJ”

The fashion icon is clearly happy to have Eri Parker on the team! Is it just a coincidence that they share the same nickname?

A happy SJP.

Three new faces have joined the revival of HBO Max, but everyone wants to know who Nicole Eri Parker is!

Is generous with the SJP. and so on … The content he shared on his page, and the snapshot above, was amazing. Longtime fans of the series are waiting for the moment. Gender and city The girls will meet again, and swallowing has been a difficult pill since Ketral’s rejection. Well, the SJP gave us a glimpse of how the new four look together, paired with a picture of the four. Definitely happy with Parker’s arrival, SJP said with the caption of his photo, “Oh great. I will sing 70’s love songs with these three any night.

I will meet you ladies tomorrow at ustjustlikethatmax! X, SJ ”

One big step.

The popular television shows of the 90’s were certainly not as big in terms of diversity, so that’s an addition. Kingdom. Rehabilitation actress. SATC Welcomed with open arms!

And many of the show’s fans aren’t really shy about talking about the lack of diversity. Chelsea Fairless, co-creator of Instagram. Every dress on sex and city. With the addition of Nicole Erie Parker to the glamorous staff, it’s a pleasure to say the least. “The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes,” he said. The basic four with colorful woman is definitely satisfying people!

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There is a story by Nicole Eri Parker.

Welcome Michael Patrick King, the show’s executive producer who has touched so many lives.

The series initially ran for six seasons and always featured celebrities here and there, but the crew has now added three permanent faces, one Parker. Shah is obviously the same enthusiasm. As we commented on the other participants, “Everyone. and so on… Glad to have these amazing and dynamic actors involved. Gender and city The family will add their own unique spark and big heart to each of these new characters and stories. ”

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Ari Parker’s husband is very supportive.

The new show doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, but are we all ready with our Cosmic (and Manulos)?

In addition to the original cast, Joe Eri Parker, who has been healthy about joining the Core Four, has been backed by her husband, Boris Kodjo. With a steady backlash from the show’s fans, Kodjo has said that Ari Parker can’t replace Kim Kettle in the series.

On this subject, Ari Parker’s colleague went straight to the point and said, “My wife is not the new Samantha Jones.” Kodjo’s statement. It’s 100% true, as we shouldn’t expect it from an actress.

And he has the best interests at heart.

All four look as comfortable with Ari Parker as they did with Kim Kettle!

And as we mentioned above, when the audience began to resonate with this fact. SATC Perhaps an alternative to the epic Samantha Jones has been found, Ari Parker’s husband defended his wife. When Kodjo was asked if he was playing the role of Samantha Jones, he replied.She responds. [question] Exactly the same way because Samantha can’t be changed. But my wife plays a great role in the show. And I’m very proud of it because it’s one of those shows that lasts forever. And seen all over the world. So she is having a lot of fun shooting the show in New York. “We like the blunt answer!

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You will recall that the greatest A-listers of all time, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda joined the Big Apple.

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