How ‘Doctor Strange’ Writer S. Robert Cargill Is Actually Thinking About Taking Wong’s Version To The MCU

While fans are proclaiming their love for Wongers and Madisinn’s “Odd Couple”-style friendship, pop culture commentators have also begun offering their explorations of the character’s development. Botanist wrote a love analysis of the Sorcerer Supreme in which the publication lauded his character as he gradually became a more carefree person while retaining the important parts of himself that make him special.

The post eventually made its way to Twitter, where it received close to 300 likes and funny jokes from fans. twitter user @NeoDorito compared Wong to Agent Coulson from the first phase of the MCU, another character beloved by fans. Another commentator, @abhajaiprakashcame up with a new superhero group of which we are all now a part: The Awongers.

However, probably the best answer comes from a retweet by S. Robert Cargill, who co-wrote Doctor Strange with director Scott Derrickson and John Spaites. in tweethe expressed his love for the character and the joy he brings in seeing Wong’s constant appearances, saying, “Creating this version of Wong with [Benedict Wong] and Scott is in the top five career achievements for me. It makes me smile big every time Benny is on screen anywhere in the MCU. I love seeing people constantly talking about my favorite character who hasn’t starred in a movie or TV series yet (yet!).”

Perhaps with Wong and Madisyn’s explosion in popularity, he could finally headline his own MCU series with shorts centered around the two. We can only dream.

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