How Elton John makes and spends his $ 500 million capital

Elton John is one of the most recognizable and respected artists of our time. The living legend has left a lasting impression on generations of fans around the world. Fans of all ages and walks of life flock to watch his live performances and stand in line for hours just to catch a glimpse of the iconic man in the flesh. Over the decades of his career and a long list of high-profile hits, Sir Elton John has amassed an astonishing fortune of $ 500 million and raised the bar for what a real career in the entertainment industry really entails.

With unlimited purchasing power and unlimited earning power, Elton John is known to have fully enjoyed the fruits of his labor and has more money than he will ever spend in his life. Here’s a snapshot of how this skilled music mogul managed to make and spend his millions …

10 Earnings: $ 500,000 a night in Vegas.

Elton John’s Las Vegas residency brought in a whopping $ 500,000 each night he took to the stage. Fans flew in from all over the world to see the mega-star on the big Vegas stage, and Sir Elton John relished the glory of being able to take root in one place and maximize his income. Each show consisted of a variety of colorful costumes, fun antics and energetic entertainment, and Elton John made half a million dollars every time he took to the stage.

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9 Costs: US $ 450,000. Flowers.

Eccentric to the bone, Elton John’s taste for haute couture is one of a kind, and when it comes to adding frills and aesthetic accents to his life, he doesn’t hold back. When he met with his manager John Reed, he did not hesitate to spend $ 450,000 on flowers. The best part is that it wasn’t for a special occasion at all. Elton John just loves to be surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers, and he felt that his boyfriend deserved to be spoiled by their abundance on this particular day.

eight Earnings: $ 2.8 million in ad revenue

Between him lucrative endorsements and Elton John’s YouTube channel, Sir Elton John expects to earn at least $ 2.8 million a year. These powerful streams of ad revenue flooded his bank account and attracted a huge following who might not otherwise have tuned in to Elton John’s social media channels. Elton John’s YouTube channel has around 863,000 views every day, so fans are definitely following what Elton John is promoting and happily investing their hard-earned cash into whatever brand or product he supports. His 2021 Uber Eats ad with Lil Nas X garnered massive media attention, along with his massive payouts.

7 Expenses: $ 450,000 Pink Phantom Rolls Royce V

Only 516 Pink Phantom Rolls Royce Vs have ever been produced in the world, and it’s no surprise that Elton John claims to own one of them. The car was bought a long time ago and currently has a potential cost of almost half a million dollars. It featured a powerful V8 engine. with twin SU carburettors and 4-speed automatic transmission. This limited edition car was produced in 1959-1968 and is a real collectible.

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6 Earnings: $ 39 million in payday

There was one special day in 1992 when Elton John received an astounding $ 39 million in salary. Demonstrating that he has a keen entrepreneurial skill to match his incredible musical talents, Elton John signed with Warner / Chappell Music, which went down in history as the largest publishing deal they have ever struck. In exchange for this colossal lump sum, Elton John transferred control of his musical rights to his pre-recorded talent.

5 Costs: $ 26 million per yacht

When it comes to owning the finest things in life, Elton John is free to spend and enjoy buying unique items that grab his attention. When he saw a 164-foot mega-yacht called Wabi Sabi, he gave away a staggering $ 26 million and became a proud new owner. very powerful jet ski. The massive yacht boasts an array of features to match the most luxurious options money can buy. She can accommodate 8 guests and 12 crew and is considered one of the finest yachts on the water.

4 Earnings: $ 114 Million Tour

Each tour of Elton John brings in several million dollars, and he proved that not even a global pandemic can stop him. When so many artists suffered due to the cancellation of concerts, he also suffered, but somehow he still managed to survive. $ 114 million on his farewell tour of the Yellow Brick Road in just four and a half months. He got even more from this tour, making it one of the most successful tours of his career.

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3 Costs: $ 50 million in real estate

It seems appropriate that these knights would live in luxury and truly live their lives like royalty. Elton John has made sure he has stunning mega mansions around the world, including his stunning homes in Old Windsor, London, Beverly Hills, Nice and Atlanta. His expansive properties are equipped with the latest refurbishments, and in some cases, he has invested millions to renovate his homes to reflect his particular sense of style and to satisfy the highest levels of class and comfort. Each of his homes is designed with precision and luxury at every turn, and some of his homes have been featured in highly respected Architectural digest.

2 Earnings: $ 325.2 million from album sales

Elton John’s most significant source of income is his ability to sell millions of albums every time he publishes a new album. Fans quickly find his new music, and he continues to make millions of dollars every time he records a new tune. It is estimated that Elton John made $ 352.2 million from album sales alone, including $ 38.3 million from The Big Picture and $ 112.2 million from his greatest hits album.

one Expenses: $ 200 million art collection

When it comes to high costs, Elton John’s art collection does best. He has an eye for the best art money can buy, and he can afford the luxury of capturing any artwork that he personally likes. Its art collection boasts exclusive pieces by Mapplethorpe, Damien Hirst, Warhol and many more. During his career, Elton John acquired such a significant art collection that he often thought about opening a museum to showcase his works to fans.

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