How good is Kyle Richards’ film, Housewives of the North Pole?

Kyle Richards made a name for herself on reality TV after appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in eleven seasons. Richards became part of Real housewives franchises in 2010 and will be in the new season in 2022. Many fans know her by Beverly hills drama, but Richards has grown into the spotlight. She was a child actor alongside her two sisters, Kim Richards and Katie Hilton. Kyle rose to fame in Escape to Witch Mountain, Halloweenand Grounded… She took a hiatus from the big screen until her return in 2021 with a thriller. Halloween Murders

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Kyle then took her acting ability, combined it with a housewife’s name, and created a Christmas movie. Housewives of the North Pole… The film scored 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb and proved that Kyle Richards is still a decent actress. I don’t think the housewife star will win an Oscar anytime soon, but Richards knows what to do in front of the camera.

6 The cast includes Breaking Bad star Betsy Brandt

The premiere of the festive film took place on December 9, 2021 on the Peacock TV channel. Breaking bad star, Betsy Brandt alongside Kyle Selig, Gernest Corchado, Carlos Ponce, Tetona Jackson, Damon Dyube and Alec Mapa.


5 ‘Housewives of the North Pole’

This movie really lived up to all expectations of a fun holiday movie. If you haven’t paid attention to the streaming service, you may have forgotten that you are on Peacock and not on the Hallmark channel! The plot tells about two best friends who had a falling out right before the holiday. Plot twist … their children end up finding love for each other during an argument, creating a romance in the style of Romeo and Juliet.

4 Scenario

In accordance with Rotten tomatoes a film about “Christmas Queens of the North Pole, Vermont, Trish and Diana” For several years in a row they won the competition “The best decoration of a holiday home”. The synopsis continues: “In the days leading up to Christmas, a dispute over the end of a friendship reignites city-wide strife and grabs the attention of a national journalist hoping to make a name for himself with his brilliant exposure.”

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3 Movie reviews

Critic from Decisive wrote: “I liked this movie even more than I expected… I knew it was going to be trashy Christmas food, but damn if it doesn’t suck me up. It’s just super cute! If you like Christmas movies but not Housewives (maybe) or Housewives but not Christmas movies (unlikely?), This is more than enough for you. “

Another film reviewer, this time from Bullet News, said the following: “Kyle Richards brings the right amount of energy to this project and feels perfect for it. I have to admit that the hosts of the North Pole gave me a Christmas spirit this year. It’s easy and pleasant to look at. , always well predictable, but still allows for some surprises in the form of dating. This (of course) causes a lot of gossip.… And finally, it is a reminder that our friendship, with its ups and downs, is one of our most important relationships. “

Stephen Warner from Online review writes: “North Pole housewives face many challenges, as expected, but the biggest sin they commit is that it just isn’t the boring entertainment it should be.”

2 Reviews of Kyle Richards and The North Pole Housewives keep coming in.

Fan by username tikitim-76520 wrote on IMDb: “In fact, I had low expectations for this. Admittedly, I wanted to see Kyle Richards because I’m a fan… She had such a small role in The Halloween Murders, and I wanted to watch her do a movie. I thought she did very well and the film turned out to be exactly as you would expect. Was it corny, predictable, and sweet like syrup? Yes it was. But it was very interesting and I really liked it. It was just a fun, carefree movie for the whole family. “

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one Housewife Cameos from Sonja Morgan, Karen Huger and more

Sonya Morgan, Karen Huger, Cynthia Bailey and Lisa Barlow have unexpected cameos in Kyle Richard’s Christmas movie!

We can’t talk about Kyle Richards’ new holiday movie, let alone surprise housewives cameos. The first one to hit the screen was A real housewife of a New York star Sonya Morgan who said, “Oh my God, have you heard of Trish River? She was caught cheating in Christmas charades! Who is doing this? ” Then we got PotomacKaren Huger, who said, “Are you kidding me? Look, Trish tells everyone that she is 44. Honey, I know for sure that she is 49. ” Then Real Housewives: The Best Girls Ride A buddy, Cynthia Bailey, suddenly says, “This is what I’m talking about. You can just see the hostility in Diana’s paintings. Look at these horns.

Last but not least, Lisa Barlow from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City said, “You know Trish and Diana’s homes are right across the street from each other, which means one of them may be on the market soon. I hope this is Trish. I think Lisa Barlow is a real estate agent at the North Pole. Truly iconic cameos are everywhere!

All in all, Kyle Richards has outdone herself in this heartwarming holiday Christmas movie!

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