How Harry Lowty Developed a Money Hungry Mindset to Prepare for the Industry

In an interview with Night, Harry Lowty talked about his character’s drive, comparing him to Harper Stern (Michala Herrold) and how he came up with such an ambitious mindset. “I think a lot of the show, especially through my character and through Harper’s character, I think the really easy access to understanding that drive is understanding where they come from… they can see the cash as a way to prove their worth and prove that they have done something with their lives and that they have climbed their own ladder.” He concluded that “it’s kind of a look at what happened before in their lives to understand what drives them forward.”

His outstanding ability to guide the thought process of a character unwilling to end where he started, and his general drive to succeed seems to be working. This allows Robert Spearing’s character motifs and arcs to be both authentic and engaging, lending significant value to the critically acclaimed series. First season “Certified Fresh” at Rotten Tomatoesand critical score for the second mileage is very impressive. Sara Novak from TV Fanatic said: “The industry is exciting, amazing and irresistible” and Rachel Cooke from New statesman wrote, “I tell you, it’s one of the best things about television: superbly acted, brilliantly written, dazzlingly energetic—and… it’s also exquisitely contemporary.” The show’s portfolio seems solid and the players involved are set to win both on and off screen, making The Industry a worthwhile investment for viewers.

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