How Heidi Klum Recorded Snoop Dogg’s

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Whatever you want from life, Heidi Klum should inspire you. The supermodel, TV presenter, actress and popular musician doesn’t believe in narrow focus when it comes to making her dreams come true, and this year she blew one of her “top-top-top” list elements by recording an EDM track that includes lyrics. , read by Snoop Dogg, an excerpt from Rod Stewart’s “Baby Jane” and Klum’s own vocals: “Tea with Heidi”, came out today and will be shown next season Germany’s Next Top Model, show Klum. Klum chatted with about what it was like to make that lifelong dream come true, and like I said, you don’t have to make it your goal to record a song with Snoop to find her inspiring looks.

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When the manufacturers Germany’s Next Top Model mentioned to Klum that it might be fun for her to sing something, she meant only one person.

“Maybe I’ll sing something with someone,” Klum recalls. “They’re like, ‘Well, who would that be?’ And I’m like, “Well, Snoop Dogg, of course!” And they’re like, “Snoop Dogg, why Snoop Dogg?” And I’m like, “Because I love Snoop Dogg, I’ve always loved Snoop Dogg and I think he’s so cool.” By the way, I love hip-hop – Biggie Smalls, P. Diddy and Ice T, but I was born in the 70s. So when I first came in ’94 [to] New York, it was like what we were listening to… I love the whole hip-hop scene and all.”

“I’m the kind of person who would rather go for it than later in life think, ‘Oh, if I could, I should’. And I didn’t. So I always go for it, and that goes for everything in life.”

Klum vaguely knew Snoop Dogg from crossing his paths at events over the years, so she swallowed her fears, picked up the phone and called to gauge his interest. To Klum’s delight, he was in, and she quickly began putting together the track.

“I was already working on a track with a new DJ duo called Wedding Cake and basically had a rough draft…Fast forward: I’m driving to Inglewood. Ding dong, I’m here, hello Snoop! Klum remembers. “So I played it for him and he immediately fell in love with it. He’s like, Oh, interesting. So it’s an EDM track and I’m like, “Yeah, you know, because I love to dance and I love the upbeat beat…he immediately started rapping it in his vocal booth and I was literally pinching myself because I can’t “. believe that this is actually happening. Like, I’m actually in Inglewood. Actually I’m with Snoop Dogg. He loves the track. He likes what I do, he goes to the vocal booth, he’s already rapping.”

“Some people want to go to the Great Wall of China, to Africa, start a family and find the perfect man,” Klum adds. “And I feel like, you know, most of those things on my wish list have already come true. But a song with someone like Snoop Dogg was just top top top on my wishlist. And here I am, and I can’t believe this is happening.”

For Klum, this song is further proof that her half-full glass, self-belief is the only way.

All in all, we should all be chasing our dreams a little more,” she says. “If you have something on your mind that you always wanted to do… Why not? If I didn’t ask [Snoop Dogg]How would he know that I’m in love with him and would like to do something with him? I feel like sometimes we just need to jump over all our own fears. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no… I always think that you should just voice your dreams or goals, what you want to do.”

This interview has been edited and shortened for clarity and length.

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