How Howard Stern really felt about Bob Saget

When a loved one leaves, we tend to remember exactly when and how we learned about it. It becomes an intrusive memory. The same is true when we lose a celebrity that meant a lot to us. Who doesn’t remember that kick in the gut when Robin Williams died? Or Alan Rickman? Or Betty White? As for Bob Saget, it is clear that not only co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen mourn his loss, but everyone who was touched by his obscene stand-up, his soulful performance on “Full House” or his charismatic presenter Funniest Home Videos America. As fans mourn Bob after his tragic and sudden death, those who knew Bob the best shared many eulogies. Among them is a radio legend Howard Stern


Like us, Howard Stern will remember how he learned that Bob Saget was dead. Although, according to his heartwarming tribute to the Stern Show On January 11, 2022, another celebrity told him. Train frontman Pat Monahan contacted Howard to inform him of this. Of course, Howard admitted that he was very sad. After all, Bob has appeared on his cult radio show over 10 times. Here’s the truth about the relationship between the two comedy legends …

Howard Stern saw a side of Bob Saget that most fans didn’t see

There was a time when Bob Saget was a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show. It was at the end of Howard’s most obscene chapter as a radio shocker. With friends like Norm MacDonald and former Stern Show co-host Artie Lange, Bob felt at home on the show. The two talked a lot about Bob’s divorce from his first wife, Sherri Kramer, and what kind of womanizer he had become. In Howard’s January 11 tribute, he stated that the first woman to have arm with Bob since his divorce was from the Playboy mansion.

“Bob was a divorced guy. I remember Bob came up to me and said, “This is awful. Divorce is terrible. ” Then I think he was in the corner fucking a Playboy model, ”Howard laughed.

During Bob’s first appearance in 1998, Howard indicated that he heard Bob “fooling around” in his marriage, acting as the opposite of the character he portrayed on television. Bob immediately admitted that the rumors were true and that he was acting like an “idiot.”

Sure, Howard shed some light on the side of Bob Saget that comedy fans are well aware of, but fans of Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos probably weren’t. Howard claimed to respect what Bob was doing on the two shows, but was not necessarily a fan of them. His comedy, however, was a different story. More importantly, Howard truly loved Bob as a person and communicated with him through The Stern Show and their mutual friendship with Jimmy Kimmel as John Stamos.

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During the Stern Show tribute, Howard read a John Stamos tribute to his co-star Full House. He was especially moved and concerned about his friend John, with whom Howard admitted he was very close. Longtime co-host Robin Quivers also commented on John’s relationship with Bob Saget as she too had to spend time with both of them.

“I liked Bob. A very nice guy, ”Howard said. “Several times, so to speak, I had to hang out with him, [he was] just great.”

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While it is clear that Howard was as close to Bob as John or even Jimmy Kimmel, he was still able to see sides of the iconic comedian and actor that many of his biggest fans simply did not see. And while many of these sides were more controversial than one might expect, Howard loved the man deeply.

Howard is worried about Bob Saget’s death

Howard Stern needs no excuse to worry about his health or possible death. He’s just that kind of guy. But the fact that Bob passed away so young hit Howard hard.

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“It’s just very depressing. As if this isn’t the guy who should be dead, ”Howard said before wondering how he died (the cause of death is still unclear at the time of this writing). The radio legend, like others, has suggested that Bob passed away from a heart attack or even a relapse of COVID in his hotel room. “Now, of course, I think I am dying. [was thinking to] myself, now I was dying. I do not know. I had thirty scripts. It is very depressing. “

Sudden and tragic death, like Bob’s, affects people in different ways. But there is no doubt that this startled Howard, who described his feelings as “overwhelmed.”

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