How is a disaster artist different from a book?

The film shows Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero moving to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of playing together as a supportive and collaborative duo. Tommy lets Greg live in his Los Angeles apartment for free and they never fight like roommates usually do, until Greg decides to move in with his girlfriend Amber (Alison Brie). suppress. In fact, Sestero was the first to move to Los Angeles and paid $200 a month to live in Wiseau’s Los Angeles apartment, while Wiseau stayed in San Francisco for a year. After seeing Sestero getting an agent and his first big acting gig, Wiseau began to think about moving to Los Angeles as well, which worried Sestero as he knew Wiseau was starting to feel competitive with him.

As Wiseau and Sestero’s long-distance friendship came with several obstacles, Wiseau gradually increased his friend’s rent and eventually moved into an apartment. Their time together as roommates was very emotional and psychologically taxing for Sestero, who found himself having to bear the brunt of Wiseau’s unpredictable behavior, constant annoyance over trifles, frustrations caused by his Hollywood rejections, and struggles with writing “Room “. Sestero only stayed in the apartment because the rent was significantly lower than anywhere else and still kept an eye out for any chance of moving out, though things got so bad that he had “the most nasty pleasurable wrapping fantasy”. [his] arms around Tommy’s neck and squeezing.”

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