How Jerry Seinfeld reacted to the incident with Larry King

The longtime ‘Larry King Live’ host passed away on January 23, 2021 at the age of 87. People. Upon hearing the news of Larry King’s death, Jerry Seinfeld took to Twitter to express his grief and clear things up about that landmark 2007 interview. “Always loved Larry King and will miss him” Seinfeld tweeted. The “canceled” beat was just something I had fun with with his little mistake. Nothing more. Or less. #riplarry”.

Obviously, a number of fans did not need this clarification from Seinfeld. @mike_kovacs commented, “Anyone who doesn’t understand that Jerry was playing with Larry during this exchange has never seen a single episode of Seinfeld.” In a similar way, @jimkliohio wrote: “It was a hilarious and honest reaction from @JerrySeinfeld, you can tell @kingsthings loved it. This is one of my favorite moments in the interviews he gave.” In a heartfelt response @Lphs01 added: “Love you Jerry and everyone who understands you and your brand understands that.”

For the record: “Seinfeld” has definitely not been canceled by anyone, at least in the generally accepted sense of the term. According to Esq., Seinfeld and his co-stars Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander simply agreed that the series should end. The foursome wanted to leave on a high note, adored by the public, rather than adding to their already substantial bank accounts and overstaying the reception. “I was at one point, we’ve been doing this for nine years, and I realized that I could go off the air right now and the show could become a legend,” Seinfeld said. “I could be a legend in the sitcom world, or I could make more money.”

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