How John Stamos Was Chosen to Play Uncle Jesse from ‘Full House’ Without an Audition

In an interview with Diversity, Full House creator Jeff Franklin shared his memories of auditioning different actors for the show. However, regarding Stamos, Franklin said, “John didn’t audition.” Instead, Franklin sought out Stamos. “I arranged lunch with John. He was the only name on my list… We talked about music – we both loved Elvis, we both loved the Beach Boys. We talked about girls – we made sure we weren’t dating. the same girl. We just had fun the whole lunch. At the end, when the check came in, I said, “We didn’t really talk about the show, do you want to do it?” And he’s like, “Oh yeah, I’m in.” That’s all. It was so easy. It was the easiest casting process I’ve ever gone through.”

Ironically, Stamos’ lack of a proper audition is a perfect fit for Uncle Jesse’s character. It’s easy to imagine that Uncle Jesse, if invited to an audition or another job interview, could spend all of his time discussing secondary topics like his romantic life and his musical tastes, and still somehow manage to charm the interviewer. and leave. with work. Perhaps it was one of those casting scenarios where the actor’s real personality suits the character so well that the role just comes naturally to him.

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