How Many Kids Does Teen Mom Chelsea Hauska Have?

More than a decade ago, fans were introduced to Chelsea Hauska on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant in 2009 and were able to follow her through her 10 seasons on the sequel show Teen Mom 2.

Since then, things have changed for Chelsea and her growing family.

Chelsea is 30 years old


Chelsea is 30 years old

How Many Kids Does Teen Mom Chelsea Hauska Have?

Chelsea has four children.

When Chelsea and then-boyfriend adam lind In 2009 welcomed daughter Aubry, the former reality star became a mother for the first time.

After splitting from Adam, Chelsea got married cole debore, her current husband and father of their three children – Watson, Layne and Walker.

What does Chelsea Hauska do for a living?

Cole and Chelsea collaborate on house remodeling and decorating projects.

Down Home DeBoers is their joint Instagram account where they promote their work.

Cole also has a YouTube channel titled Do It With Cole, where he showcases home remodeling projects and family-style vlogs.

Chelsea is also the co-founder of home decor business Aubry Says and co-owner of Belle & Rae Company, where she serves as an associate and influencer, according to her Instagram bio.

Chelsea Hauska lives on a farm with her husband and children


Chelsea Hauska lives on a farm with her husband and childrencredit: social media – view source

Is Teen Mom 2 Still On Air?

In 2009, MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, which chronicled the trials and tribulations of teenage mothers since its launch.

The popularity of 16 and Pregnant led to its first spinoff, Teen Mom 2, two years after its launch.

MTV has yet to reveal when the 11th season of Teen Mom 2 will air on its network.

The 10th season of the show, consisting of 30 episodes, premiered in September 2020.

If the 11th season happens, then Chelsea will not be a part of it.

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