How Mela Conis prepared for her role as an addict in ‘Four Good Days’

ملا کونیس۔ Known for its light-hearted characters. That 70’s show. Or Forget Sarah Marshall.. While Mullah is a talented actress and she has played serious roles before – e.g. Black swan Mullah told Yahoo Entertainment. Who is playing radish. Four good days He was the hardest character ever.

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The film was released in May this year and has been rated 6.6 / 10 on IMDB. Based on the movie. Eli Sasslow’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post article.“How’s Amanda? A Truth, a Lie, and an American Drug Story,” explaining the strained relationship between Amanda Wendler and her mother, Libby Alexander. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to prepare for this role – and that’s how he did it.

To be radish

Mullah’s role Molly has been in detox 14 times and has been addicted to heroin and other drugs for 10 years. The premise of the film is that Molly needs to be detoxified for 3 days and kept at home for 4 days to inject Naltrexone, which will reduce her ability to stay upright for a month. It was a horrible experience for Molly and most of her family doubted her ability to do it. Found explains that Molly was “Only in a constant state of despair. My character was never released.. ”

He spoke to Amanda.

Before filming, the two met and co-starred. Glenn Close Talked to real life people who would be featured in the film. Wendler told Entertainment tonight. After talking to Mullah, he said, “I was so proud that she was going to play me. I knew she was very respectful. She’s underground and real. She’s a great and powerful woman.” He also said that he is honored that the film will shed light on the power of drugs and how it can be overcome.

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Changing its appearance.

“Unfortunately you have to find a special way to look like a heroin addict.” Mullah told Beatrice Verhaven of The Wrap. With regard to the big changes in the Sundance Film Festival in which she looked like Molly. “We bleached our hair to add an element of hell.” Molly’s hair color was actually Mullah’s idea because she saw a picture of hair that looked similar when she was researching pictures of addicts and thought that her character needed another aspect of difference. Director Rodrigo Garcia quickly agreed. Kane then joked about how difficult it was to find a hairdresser in Los Angeles who was willing to ruin his hair.

Her teeth

One of the most amazing things for Mullah’s fans to see was his smile, which was completely invalidated by his signature pearl whites. Mela told the deadline. That it was fun to do something out of the ordinary. “When you go to the boy with the best special effects, who makes the most beautiful meth teeth, it seems strange to say, but you put it on, and like you, ‘Well, it’s fun to play with. Comes.’ She also said that her children enjoy fake teeth because she wore them around the house to get in the habit of talking to them.

lose weight

Along with her hair and teeth, she had to lose a lot of weight to play radish. Although she did not know how many pounds she had lost because she did not have a scale, estimating that her clothes would fit, she thought she was as thin as she was. Black swan. Mullah explained that she dieted and exercised for about 4 months, and as thin as she was, she still felt strong enough to work on the set for those long days.

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Prepare emotionally.

Although the physical aspect was quite difficult, the festival also had to be emotionally prepared. “As far as research is concerned, I don’t do drugs, but I have a lot of friends and I currently have a girlfriend and some who haven’t survived and some who are still fighting it,” Kaneis told The Warp. ” For techniques and methods of getting used to it, she turns to YouTube, NA meetings, and half-way houses, but ultimately says that studying behavior on YouTube was the most helpful.

She was happy it didn’t last long.

“I was really happy that the film was not in production for two months,” Mullah said. Yahoo Entertainment.. “You know, sometimes people like you, ‘I wish it would last that long.’ When it was over, I was so happy. I was like, ‘I’m fine. That’s enough. There can be four good days on Hulu.

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