How Michael Mann plans Heat 2 to hit the screen

In a recent interview with Empire, Mann revealed that the Heat sequel will be published as a novel in late summer 2022. Speaking about the possibilities of this format, Mann said: “The ability to go deep into the inner world is fascinating, and you can do it best in a novel.” The novel will be a sequel and prequel to the film, focusing on the character of Chris Sheeherlis (Val Kilmer).

The main sticking point, which is unfortunate but reflects the passage of time and much of the prequel novel, will be the absence of actors Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer. Mann commented, “I love these guys, but they have to be six years younger than they were in Clash. story, Mann insists that a future adaptation will be a film. While three-hour epics aren’t as common on the big screen today, Mann intends to turn the novel into “one big movie.”

For fans of Heat, the return of the story to theater screens is welcome and unique news, as many movie sequels tend to be long-running sequels and prequels that are no longer welcome. redditor you/Satean12 says, “If Ridley Scott can do an Alien prequel and Gladiator sequel 20-40+ years later, Mann can do a Hit prequel/sequel 30+ years later.”

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