How much did Shakira donate to charity?

Shakira has been a force in the music industry for so long that some people couldn’t even remember (or weren’t around!) When she first became involved as an artist. But it has come a long way for the singer, who hails from Colombia, and has worked hard to get her where she is today.

However, in a heartbreaking turn, Shakira doesn’t seem to be buying private islands or wearing designer dads and billing. With her status as a millionaire, Shakira chose to change the world, a few million at a time.

Does Shakira spend too much of her money?

Some fans are already a bit critical. How much money does Shakira spend?. Like other high profile (and rich) celebrities, the singer flies in numerous mansions, expensive cars and private jets. The interesting thing about Shakira is that just as she throws cash at her houses and cars, she also distributes her cash to others.

Although she is raising two children with her partner Gerard Pack, Shakira makes time (and extra funds) for children around the world.

What does Shakira advocate?

Shakira has a long list. Humanitarian reasons She is passionate. In fact, he is so involved in philanthropy that he has a section on his website dedicated to his list of charitable interests. These include education and early childhood development, with various focus areas such as the health and nutrition of preschool children and educational achievement measures for Spanish students.

In short, Shakira takes care of the children and basically tries to support healthy development so that the children can grow up. And, even its own foundation is with an impressive original story.

What does the Shakira Foundation do?

The Pies Descalzos Foundation was the brainchild of Shakira at the young age of 18. Of course, by this time Shakira was already working on music charts in Colombia and beyond. But it slowed down a bit to start a foundation to provide more opportunities for children and their families.

The foundation provides education and nutrition to children in Colombia.

Furthermore, Shakira is one of UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassadors, which also focuses on schooling and resources for children’s education around the world.

Who funds the Shakira Foundation?

Since Shakira started her foundation, it is clear that she had the cash to run the tricks. But the foundation’s Wikipedia page also notes that in addition to Shakira’s involvement, the organization “receives donations from national and international companies that care about social responsibility.”

It is also a fact that Shakira has formed an “alliance” with both government agencies. And “Multilateral corporations.” Ordinary people speak? Shakira discusses donations to her foundation (and other causes) based on her reputation.

For example, Shakira laid a net of 60 660K for her foundation. Agree to appear In a Freixenet commercial. Contract Also Includes making a documentary (and a music video) about the foundation.

When it comes to casting. They Where does the money come from, however, what comes out of Shakira’s charitable writing?

How much of Shakira’s money goes to charity?

With a current net worth of approximately 350 350 million net (depending on who you ask, and when they calculate the figures), Shakira could certainly stand to throw some money at mansions and Ferraris. Is. But how much money does she spend on things that are close to her heart?

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Over the years, various donations have been big enough to make headlines, so there are a few ways for fans to find out how much Shakira contributes to her fortune. In fact, all the way back in 2007, the singer. Donated A staggering $ 45 million to rebuild communities in Peru after earthquakes and hurricanes.

The same article details the 5 5 million donation Shakira made to help children “living in poverty.” In 2010, he became a singer. Received A real medal from the United Nations for “their work to help poor children.”

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More recently, during an epidemic, Shakira. Donated Thousands of masks and even ventilators in his hometown of Colombia. The mayor of Barranquilla also posted on Twitter when Shakira gifted the city important resources and called it one of the most beloved people in Barranquilla and the world.

This is not the first time Shakira has sent love (and luggage) back to Colombia. He also donated a harmonica from his ‘Gypsy’ music video to be auctioned off for charity to benefit the Colombian Red Cross. (It was a different music video than that. The one in which geometry is prominent.)

Increase in its popularity. It may be an impressive feat, but Shakira has yet to make an impact on the world, and there is so much to give.

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