How much is Claudia Winkleman paid in Strictly, is she related to the royal family and who is her husband?

CLAUDIA Winkleman is known for her successful television career.

She’s been on our screens since the nineties, and here’s what we know about the star…


Claudia has had a successful career since the nineties.

How much does Claudia Winkleman make from Strictly?

Claudia is paid a salary of £370,000 a year for her work at the BBC.

Much of this covers her role in Strictly, which she started in 2014.

However, the busy TV presenter also hosts a Radio Two show and is featured on many other BBC programs, making up the remainder of her salary.

Her net worth is reported to be a cool £9 million.

    Claudia is best friends with her Strictly co-host Tess.


Claudia is best friends with her Strictly co-host Tess.Credit: Getty – Contributor

Who is Claudia Winkleman Husband Chris Thykier?

Claudia married film producer Chris Thykier in 2000 in a secret wedding ceremony attended by only their closest family and friends.

He is known for his work on films such as The Woman in Gold (2015), Kick-Ass (2010), Duty (2010) and The Tolkien Movie (2018).

Chris was also an executive producer on the hit TV show The Riviera (2017).

    Chris and Claudia have been married since 2000.


Chris and Claudia have been married since 2000.

What are Claudia Winkleman’s royal connections?

Claudia has a royal half-sister, Sophie Winkleman, and her daughter Maud Windsor was a bridesmaid at Princess Eugenie’s 2018 wedding.

Her half-sister Sophie married into the royal family and is known as Lady Frederick Windsor.

Sophie’s husband, Lord Frederick Windsor, is 47th in line to the throne due to his father, Prince Michael of Kent, being the Queen’s first cousin.

The couple married at Hampton Court Palace in 2009.

Who are Claudia Winkleman’s parents?

Claudia was born in London on 15 January 1972 and is the daughter of former Sunday Express editor Eva Pollard.

Her father Barry was the former publisher of the Times Atlas Of The World.

Claudia’s parents separated when she was three years old and both remarried in 1979.

Her mother, Eva, married former Daily Express editor Sir Nicholas Lloyd, and her father, Barry, married children’s writer Cindy Black.

    Claudia's mother is former Sunday Express editor Eva Pollard.


Claudia’s mother is former Sunday Express editor Eva Pollard.Credit: Rex Features

How many children does Claudia have? What happened to her daughter Matilda?

Claudia and her husband have three children – Jake, Matilda and Arthur.

In 2014, Matilda suffered severe burns when her Halloween costume caught fire.

Claudia said the suit caught fire after her daughter hit the candle.

Speaking of the incident in 2015, she said, “I bought her a costume at the supermarket, she wanted to be a witch, so she had a witch hat, cape, striped tights and what looked like a long flowy skirt.

“I was talking to someone … and then I heard her scream, and she caught fire …

“It looks like she burned for hours but the surgeon said that was definitely not the case and it was probably only seconds… she got up, that’s the only way I can describe it… it was a spark and she screamed for me .

“It was like those awful birthday candles that you blow out and then they come back… it was very fast, it was fast, it wasn’t the fire I saw.”

The incident prompted the government to tighten fire resistance standards for Halloween costumes.

    Claudia took over from Bruce Forsyth in 2014.


Claudia took over from Bruce Forsyth in 2014.

How did Claudia Winkleman get on TV?

Her first major television appearance was on the regional discussion program Central Weekend in 1991.

In 1992, she landed a role in the BBC series Holiday which continued throughout the 90s.

She has also interviewed celebrities on This Morning and has presented several game shows including the dating show Three’s a Crowd.

In 2002, she landed her first daily TV role as host of the BBC Three show Liquid News.

The following year, Claudia presented the daily updates on the reality show Fame Academy, and in 2005, she began hosting Dancing with the Stars: It Takes Two.

In 2012, it was announced that Zoe Ball would be the regular host of Dancing with the Stars: It Takes Two, with Claudia hosting the results show with Tess Daly on Sunday nights.

Claudia then took over from Bruce Forsythe as Tess’s co-host in 2014 on episode 12 of the reality show.

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