How much of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s insane income comes from Seinfeld?

Elaine Benes, with her bad dance moves and quirky laughs, is a favorite sitcom character who is imperfect but manages to be one of the most interesting people in the world. While fans sometimes wonder if she can get back together with Jerry, it makes sense that Elaine and Jerry stay apart, just as it makes sense that Elaine has a lot of solid opinions about everything in life.

Jerry Seinfeld’s fortune is huge, and fans can guess that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was paid a ton of money to play Elaine over the course of the sitcom’s 9 seasons. Although the actress has starred in many films since then and has also played several major roles in various TV shows, it looks like Seinfeld made the largest contribution to her bank account. Keep reading to find out how much of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s insane fortune has to do with Seinfeld


What did Julia Louis-Dreyfus do for the Seinfeld?

Though Seinfeld fans hated one episode, it’s fair to say that every time Elaine appeared on screen, viewers were in awe. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is super talented, and she brought this character to life in a special way.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a fortune of $ 250 million., in accordance with Celebrity Net Worthand she made tons of money playing Elaine on Seinfeld… The publication reported that the cast received a “base salary” of about $ 45 million. It definitely makes up a large part of the overall condition of the star.

The publication reported that in 1993 the actors asked for more money and started making $ 3.8 million per season, or $ 150,000 for each episode. That number skyrocketed in May 1997 when they started making $ 600,000 for each episode of Season 9 (or just $ 15 million). While the actors demanded $ 1 million for each episode, but that didn’t happen, the $ 600K is definitely impressive.

While fans will probably guess that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Jerry Seinfeld, and Michael Richards make tons of money from royalties and reruns of the show, this is not the case. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David do a lot money from Seinfeld royalties and other stars make some profit from DVD sales and “leftovers” that SAG-AFTRA actors get, according to Distract

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What about the salary of Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Vice President”?

Vice President This movie aired from 2012 to 2019 and fans loved the opportunity to see this beloved actor play a political character.

Several seasons in 2017 Julia Louis-Dreyfus made $ 2.5 million for the season Vice President

In accordance with Crib, which amounts to $ 250,000 for each episode. The publication notes that the actress allegedly received a salary increase for the last and seventh seasons.

In an interview with NPR, Julia Louis-Dreyfus spoke about her Vice President character… She said, “Every time I played [Selina Meyer] even in her most hideous circumstances, I had to find a way to make it look true. You know, this is a woman who has been … she has been in battles for a long time, but she, without realizing it, is a victim of a culture dominated by men, because she herself hates women and does not think well of her gender. That’s why I was so pleased when we were able to come up with this whole guy up idea, because … it’s so multi-layered in terms of messaging. “

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus also starred in another sitcom

While Julia Louis-Dreyfus is certainly known for playing Celine in Vice President and Elaine on the Seinfeld, her sitcom Old Christina’s New Adventures it’s a fun show that has a lot of fans. The show aired for five seasons from 2006 to 2010.

In an interview with DiversityThe actress noted that she understands the upbringing of her character Christina. “She has a desire to succeed in her child, and this is where she totally screw up, despite her best intentions. It’s a monstrous nature for any parent. You just hope you don’t screw them up too much. “

In the first season, Christina sent her son Richie to a private school and had to deal with fashion moms as well as her ex-husband Richard.

It has often been clear that Christina and Richard still have feelings for each other, and Richard’s new girlfriend, Christina, has thought about it too.

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After the role of Valentina in the TV show Falcon and the Winter SoldierJulia Louis-Dreyfus is attached to two projects, according to IMDb: film Tuesdaywhich is currently in post-production, and Beth and Donwhich is under preparation. Tuesday described on IMDb as a “mother and daughter fairy tale” and Beth and Don tells the story of a writer who discovers that her husband does not like her to write as much as she thought.

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