How much of Tom Felton’s fortune comes from Harry Potter?

Tom Felton has an unforgettable role as Draco Malfoy, the wizarding school bully that fans can’t stop fans from playing throughout the eight installments. Harry Potter cinema. The actor may have originally tried to audition for other roles in the franchise, but once he landed the role of Draco, Felton devoted himself entirely to the role.

In the end, his time in the franchise also saw the actor gain widespread prominence, which helped a lot in his Hollywood career.

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Soon after his stay in Harry PotterFelton has participated in various other film and television projects. And thanks to all that hard work, the actor has reportedly amassed a fortune of $ 30 million as of 2021.

Apparently, the actor is doing well. And as he continues to increase his fortune, fans are still wondering how many of them were received from Harry Potter at the first place.

How much did Tom Felton make from the Harry Potter franchise?

Participation in a project of eight films such as Harry Potter the franchise has certainly paid off well for Felton and his colleagues. According to reports, the actor was paid about 14 million pounds (almost 19 million dollars) for the work on the films. This is almost half of its total, Current net worth.

And while some of his colleagues decided to save most of their hard-earned money (titular star Daniel Radcliffe kept most of it in the bank while Emma Watson took her wealth management course), Felton decided to spend most of his money. … In fact, he seems to have spent most of it, despite the strict warnings of his parents.

“I bought a lot of junk that kids buy: skateboards, clothes and typical teenage clothes,” Felton said during an interview. Daily mail… “

I spent a lot of money on cars – mostly BMWs – for myself and my family. My mom told me, “You worked hard for this, so get what you want, but be careful, you will lose money on cars.” And she was right. “

Later, the actor also admitted, “I was in trouble.”

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The actor’s affairs went so badly that he even owed a significant amount of money. “There were two scary years when it was crazy because I really had problems with the tax inspector,” Felton recalled.

“I worked for eight years and all I could show was this terrible debt. At some point we had a bailiff. “

Fortunately, the actor eventually managed to improve his financial situation. He also said, “I’ve spent the last year and a half with an accountant trying to understand VAT, DVD leftovers and the like.”

At the same time, Felton starred in several roles in film and television, which allowed him to start earning again.

This is what Tom Felton has been up to since Harry Potter

Felton really didn’t waste time taking on other roles as soon as he left Hogwarts. In fact, in the same year Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was released, the actor also starred in a science fiction film Rise of the Planet of the Apesled by James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto.

It was a blessing for Felton to take part in the film, as he wasn’t sure if he could find another job after Harry Potter… “I was nervous about what would happen next, and then things like Planet of the apes“, – said the actor. HuffPost

Over the years, Felton has also starred in films such as Ghost, Risen, Beauty, Secret, Out of the Rough, Ophelia, Stratton, United Kingdomand the Netflix movie Babysitter’s Guide to Hunting Monsters

The actor also starred in several TV series. Most notably, Felton played the historian and former criminal investigator Julian Albert on the CW DC Comics series. Flash

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As it turned out, this was the role the actor got after being invited to the show. “A few weeks ago I was (asked) if I really want to join the cast. I ran about 35 episodes, fell in love with the series, I just felt something completely different, something completely new, ”said the actor. Show business addicts

“So, after watching 35 episodes, I found myself at the crime scene, examined the human remains, said all these things that I had just recently fallen in love with. It was pretty surreal and a lot of fun. “

At this point, it seems that Felton is determined to continue to increase his fortune in the coming years; he’s already linked to five upcoming films. Among them is a thriller Some other woman with dust Ashley Greene star.

Meanwhile, as reported on the actor’s website, Felton is currently working hard about historical drama Del muerto canyon with Val Kilmer and Abigail Breslin. The actor also said that he is ready to reprise his role as Draco if another appears. Harry Potter make a movie.

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