How NCIS fans really felt about Millie Bobby Brown’s villainous role

In “NCIS”, season 12, episode 6 (“Parental controls recommended”), Millie Bobby Brown portrays Rachel Barnes, a young girl who no one would ever suspect of a horrific murder. However, in reality, Barnes is one of the most cold-blooded killers in the history of NCIS. After killing the Navy SEAL’s wife, Barnes has no qualms about it.

According to a recent Reddit thread, NCIS fans think Brown’s character is the show’s creepiest villain to date. In my opening post y/mintycrash started the conversation by asking questions: “Who do you think was the creepiest villain in NCIS? Why?” In a quick reply you/mchollahan responded that Brown’s character was their biggest concern. “There is something about a completely ruthless child that hurts me,” they said.

Other fans echoed this sentiment, including you/dragonflywho explained, “I support it… There were a lot of evil villains, but she was definitely the creepiest because [you] don’t expect that level of evil from a child.” In another comment u/Macdaddyya noted that this probably shocked Gibbs to the core. “I can’t imagine what was going on in Gibbs’s head when he realized that it was her,” they noted.

Shortly after appearing on NCIS, Brown made guest appearances on two other popular television series, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. In 2015, Brown landed her starring role as Eleven on Stranger Things. She was nominated for two awards for her role in the Netflix sci-fi series. Primetime Emmy Award.

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