How old was Priscilla Presley when she met Elvis?

PRISCILLA Presley is best known as the ex-wife of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley.

The couple were married for six years, despite a ten-year age difference.

How old was Priscilla Presley when she met Elvis?

Elvis was 24 years old when he met 14-year-old Priscilla.

The couple met in 1959 while he was serving in the US Army in West Germany, where Priscilla lived with her family at the time.

The couple met at a party and hit it off immediately.

But due to his age and rock star status, Priscilla’s parents were a little hesitant about allowing their daughter to mess with him.


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However, he managed to charm them, and in an interview closer weekly in 2017, Priscilla shared that her parents ended up loving Elvis.

The couple managed to see each other often when he was in West Germany, but then he was demobilized from the army in 1960 and returned to the United States.

When Elvis met Priscilla, he was already in a relationship with a girl named Anita Wood, who was working in Hollywood at the time.

They began dating in 1957, and when Elvis eventually returned to the US, he and Wood continued their relationship.

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According to To expressWood became suspicious of Elvis because of the rumors she had heard about his affair, but Elvis downplayed the affair, telling Wood that Priscilla was “just a kid”.

Elvis and Anita separated in 1962 and he continued to date Priscilla.

When they got married?

In her senior year of high school, Priscilla decided to move to Graceland to be with Elvis.

The couple eventually married in 1967, eight years after they first met.

Priscilla claimed that she and Elvis did not consummate their relationship before their wedding night.

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After they married, Priscilla described her sex life with the music legend as “passionate” and full of adventure.

“The usual thrills were sometimes not enough [for Elvis]”, she wrote, Chicago Tribune“especially when he was under the influence of hard drugs.”

How many children did Elvis and Priscilla have?

Priscilla gave birth to their only child, daughter Lisa Marie, in 1968, exactly nine months after their wedding.

Lisa soon lived with her mother after her parents divorced in October 1973 after spending some time in Graceland.

She was the sole heiress and inherited his Graceland home when she turned 25 in 1993.

Before Lisa inherited the estate, her mother and the estate’s executors increased it to around £76.9 million.

however, in 2004 it sold 85 percent of them.

Why did they get divorced?

After the birth of Lisa, their sex life went downhill.

According to Biography.ruPriscilla shared: “Even before we got married, he mentioned that he could never make love to a woman who had a child.”

As a result, the couple were no longer physically close.

Elvis reportedly cheated on her many times during their relationship and Priscilla had her own affairs.

In particular, she had a relationship with her karate instructor Mike Stone.

Although Elvis himself was unfaithful, he was not happy to learn of his wife’s infidelity and reportedly hired a hitman to kill Stone.

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After six years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1973.

Elvis died in 1977.

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