How Peter Jackson believes the Lord of the Rings trilogy changed filmmaking forever

While chatting with Hollywood ReporterPeter Jackson discussed several topics related to Middle-earth, including Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and how the company unexpectedly tracked it down. He also touched on the legacy of his Lord of the Rings films, noting the importance of CGI in them – especially in large-scale battle scenarios – in the grand scheme of entertainment history. “If we were to give something to the ongoing community of filmmakers, [it’s] that we have discovered a set of CGI tricks to create huge battle scenes,” he said.

After the conclusion of the Lord of the Rings saga, computer graphics became an especially important component of both film and television productions. From digital rejuvenation to creating otherworldly creatures from scratch, this is part of what makes blockbusters so special. Be that as it may, there is also a dark side of working on visual effects, which has been increasingly talked about lately. Forcing workers to work long hours due to lack of time in the studio, insufficient wages, and other problems in the visual effects industry, all in the name of entertaining moviegoers (via Back). One can only hope that changes will come sooner rather than later.

Peter Jackson is right. Without the innovations made by those who worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we would not have had the opportunity to enjoy the CGI spectacles that we have had over the years. It’s unfortunate that these breathtaking episodes in too many cases come at the expense of visual effects workers who find themselves in less-than-ideal working conditions.

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