How Sadie Robertson Learned to Embrace Parenting’s “Terrifying” Parts

So, yes, they have plans to grow their own hive.

“One day we will say four children, one day we will say three children,” he admitted, adding that adoption is definitely in his future. Her parents Corey And Willie Robertson Welcome to three biological children – Saadi, Bella And John LukeDuring the adoption of the daughter Rebecca And son Will And Rowdy“And I just saw the beauty of it, what it feels like to have a mixed family,” Saadi noted.

For now, though, they’re enjoying every little ounce of honey they bring.

“Oh my God, I’m like, ‘This is forever!'” He said to his growing girl. “I just love her. Honestly, she just kept her bottle and I was very proud. These are just small milestones and everyday things that make me so proud and become her mother.” I’m very happy. ”

Although one is particularly cute: “She’s been smiling a lot and she’s just started laughing and this is the best moment,” Saadi said. “I wait with her every time I’m with her, just to see her smile or try to make her laugh. We’re in really good fun right now.”

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