How Saie Vintage Is Revolutionizing Brand Apparel, Merch: Details

Celeb-Loved Saie Beauty is revolutionizing how we shop for brand pepper.
Sai Vintage.

Makeup brand. سائی It’s as dumb as it gets. Not only is it popular with celebrities, but it is also a clean sephora favorite that has a loyal following. Take it Slip Tint Dewey Tent Moisturizer. ($ 32), for example, who is beloved. Kirsten Bell And Mandy Moore. Similarly, its Kajal 101. ($ 24) is considered. Of A clear formula of greed among beauty editors – incl We are weekly. Stylish team, of course!

Founder and CEO لینی کرول۔ Founded the brand in 2019 with the mission of creating truly clean and sustainable beauty products with transparent messaging. Now that the dream has come true, former fashion editors are expanding the brand’s reach with the launch of a new project. Sai Vintage..

This new endeavor is the perfect combination of Kroll’s beauty, fashion and love of nature. According to the brand, it has been dubbed “the first brand pepper launch of its kind”. Instead of making T-shirts stamped with the brand name, Sai will offer a revolving lineup of vintage vendors to fix pieces of its new platform.

To purchase Colib, go to the landing page, accessible. From there, you’ll be guided to three sustainable and women-oriented businesses from which you can buy Pieces of Psy Co-op (until they sell out, anyway!)

For the first drop of Sai Vintage, the brand pieces are prominent. Evelyn Vintage, Keiko Closet., And Big lemonade. Each business offers unique types of pieces. Evelina Vintage is known for its romantic hand-dyed slip dresses, while Keiko Closet prefers retro prints for fun. And finally, Big Lemonade has given vintage denim a new lease of life by creating wearable art pieces from the anti-analog chain sewing machine.

This collaboration is a win-win for sustainability, so we can only hope that more brands will follow suit. – And Kroll agrees. “We would like to encourage other brands to consider their environmental impact when launching commercial goods,” says the founder. We.

“Shopping is the most durable and eco-friendly option for buying vintage clothes and accessories,” she says. Our first step towards a cleaner planet is to reduce the amount of waste we produce and reuse it whenever possible.

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