How Sean Dwyer of Deadliest Catch Lost $2,000 in Minutes

Opening tells us that Sean Dwyer became the youngest captain in the fleet when he took over the Brenna A. Starting out by spying on his captain father, Dwyer has established himself as a quite capable fishing boat captain. His firsthand experience as a sailor helps Dwyer understand what level of effort is required for the success of the entire team. That’s why, when sailor Willie Manchester threw a $2,000 can into the bottom of the sea, Dwyer knew the accident could have been avoided.

The incident occurred while the Brenna A was pulling out a line of cod traps. Up to this point, judging by the applause of the crew, these pots brought a decent reward. Then Manchester, which was sailor Brenna A since 2016 casually made efforts, pulling the bank. It takes precise timing to connect the rope from the pot to the wheel of the hydraulic crane, and Manchester was a step or two behind. This delay caused the rope to get caught under the boat and eventually broke, sending the $2,000 bank to the bottom of the Bearing Sea.

With no chance of recovery, Captain Dwyer visibly keeps his frustration on camera dry: “It’s 2,000 bucks, thanks, Will.” Not only was the brand new pot lost, but the abundance of cod in it slipped through the captain’s grasp. It’s pretty important with the retail price of this fish on the rise. And although this failure is just part of the fishing experience, it is still unpleasant, especially when financial losses are a direct result of the lack of efforts of one person.

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