How Selena Gomez is adding to her $ 75 million net worth.

He must have started as a child star.She was a Disney actress for many years.) But Selena Gomez Now everyone has grown up and is ready to conquer the world. After dealing with various health-related struggles in the past and breaking them up in public, Gomez is being reborn as he continues both acting and music at the same time.

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Gomez is also a smart businesswoman, and she seems to be in a good position to make a significant increase in her 75 million fortune in no time.

This is how he accumulated his wealth in the past.

What sets Gomez apart from other stars is that she can do it all. When she was younger, she stepped into Hollywood as an actress, starring in Disney. Zack & Cody’s Sweet Life., Hannah Montana, and of course , The Wizards of Worley Place.. After leaving Disney, Gomez pursued other acting jigs, such as booking roles in movies. Neighbor 2: Growing Suspicion, Basics of Care, And In a dubious war. Needless to say, she also became famous for voicing frustration. Hotel Transylvania Franchise

Gomez also devoted himself to making music. To this day, he is known for his successful films like mine.t Ain’t Me, Same Old Love, Back to You, Good for you, And Loose to to me.. Meanwhile, it also includes the most serialized songs. Tiki Tiki. (DJ Snake’s feat. Gomez, Cardi B and Ozona) with 870 million streams, Wolves (With marshmallows) with 634 million rivers, and. It’s not me (With Kigo), which has 630 million rivers.

He continues to play music today.

Recently, Gomez released his first Spanish EP titled. Disclosure. The album is a real love affair for the singer, who has been working on it since 2011. “I’ve been talking about doing a Spanish project for the last 10 years and for some reason, it didn’t come together,” he told “I’m glad I waited even though it was 10 years ago It would have been a completely different project. Some of the music I’ve worked on over the last two years has naturally led to Rauw Alejandro.

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Gomez also worked with a Spanish teacher while recording the track. “I was fluent until I was seven.” He also told Rolling Stone.. “Finding that aspect of me was nothing short of amazing. It really allowed me to take my voice to a different place. After the release of the EP, two of his songs, Bella Conmego And De Ona Ways. Reached the top 5 in the Latin chart of Billboard.

Meanwhile, fans became restless after collaborating with Korean pop group BLACKPINK on Gomez’s song. Ice cream In 2020, as he worked on the song in the midst of an epidemic, Gomez could only work with the group through face-to-face. “It’s been a learning process because the language was new,” the singer told the E-Times. “But, somehow our different styles, with their energy … we fit in perfectly with each other.” According to Billboard, the single was streamed 18.3 million times in the United States during the first week of release.

He also did some behind-the-scenes work.

Perhaps, many people are unaware that Gomez is working behind the scenes in some of today’s most popular shows. For example, she serves as an executive producer. Netflix Series 13 reasons why., Which is an adaptation of a novel by Asher.

The project was brought to Gomez by her mother, Mandy Taffy, when she was planning to turn it into a movie. When it came to Gomez, however, he chose to turn it into a series instead, although he himself had no intention of starring in it. “I know the sect after that, which is why I didn’t want to join it.” He told the Hollywood Reporter.. aside from 13 reasons why.Gomez also produced a documentary series. Living an undocumented life. For Netflix

She is also working on a critically acclaimed series.

Today, fans can catch Gomez in the new Holo series. Only murder in the building.. On the show, he explores the murder mystery with veteran actors Steve Martin and Martin Short. For Martin, Gomez’s willingness to board the ship was a dream come true.

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“You get a list of names, you know, you’re thinking, of course, they’ll be good, they’ll be good, and then they say, ‘What about Selena Gomez?’ And that’s it – yes, of course, “he told Vogue. “We knew she would grow the show in so many ways. Number one is talent.” Currently, the series has a 100 rating rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

She is also pursuing other business plans.

Despite his busy schedule, Gomez has found time to pursue other interests outside of music, film and television. To get started, she launched her own make-up line called Rare Beauty. With this business, she wanted to address the unrealistic quality of beauty that has been promoted over the years. “I’ve spent many years of my life trying to look like other people. I’ll look at a picture, and I’ll be like, ‘My God, why don’t I look like that?’ “None of that was good for me,” he explained.

Most recently, Gomez also became an investor and co-owner of Serendipity Brands, known for its New York restaurant Serendipity 3. The restaurant now serves Selena Sunday, which includes Gomez’s own flavored cookies and cream remixes. Clearly, there is nothing she cannot do.

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