How serious are Paulie Dee and his girlfriend Nikki Hall?

Paulie DelVecchio AKA DJ Poly D burst onto the stage and grabbed the attention of a collective audience on MTV’s reality hit. Jersey Shore. Quickly becoming one of the show’s most popular characters, Paulie took advantage of his newly acquired fame and fame to catapult his status as a budding DJ and cement his position as one of the greatest stars of reality television in the mid-00s. During his journey from virtual unknown to reality TV star, DelVecchio eventually found love in the face of the former first season. Double shot in love participant, Nikki Hall

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Hall first met eyes with Jersey shore reality show stars back in 2019. Finding chemistry quickly with Poly but ultimately, after being kicked out of the show during the finale, Hall returned for the second season of the series. Double shot in love, this time forcing a deeper bond with Paulie (despite a rough start), who discovered that the two reality stars were officially dating towards the end of the show. But how serious are these two? Celebrity couples are always a hot committee, but their enduring grip is always shitty.

6 How it all started for Paulie Dee and Nikki Hall

The future reality TV couple first met on the set Double shot at love with Hall being a member. Almost immediately fell in love with a DJ Nikki was so in love with DelVecchio that she even confessed her love during an episode Double shot, which featured a lie detector test conducted by former Jersey Shore actors. JWoww and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro… However, this was not part of the plans of Nikki (at the time) and Paulie, as the DJ left the show alone and Nikki left without Pauline.


5 “The Situation” thinks Nikki is the “one” for Paulie Dee

Poly D enjoyed a lonely life for a while; However Jersey shore the star, apparently, was about to tenderly say goodbye to his bachelor (an example of this is a very short affair with JWoww; however, it is still not decided whether DelVecchio really had feelings for her). But this time it’s different, at least according to “Situation.” Mike Sorrentino stated in the episode Jersey Shore: Family Fun that he not only suspects that Nikki Hall is “the one”, but that she is also a welcome member of the Jersey Shore family. In accordance with, The Situation said: “I thought Nikki was straight. She did a great job. You could just tell how she s Poly – Like, this one, probably. It’s possible Nikki and Paulie could be the next family wedding in Jersey Shore. “

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While fans of the couple seem to be very interested in the possibility of an additional show featuring the couple exclusively, both Poly D and Nikki They seem to value their privacy too much for this particular show to come true. Hall herself even made it clear that she likes being a “guest star” and not the main star of her own show. So, at least for the foreseeable future, fans will have to be content with watching the couple antics in future episodes of the series. Jersey Shore.

3 Paulie says “everything was great” and he is “happy”

The past few years have been far from bright for almost everyone, given the circumstances (cough … COVID … cough); however, this did not stop Poly D has since only been keeping an eye on the future with regards to his career (he couldn’t wait to start a DJ party just last year), but also made it clear that the current global setbacks have not affected his relationship with Hall. Right, Delvecchio stated that he and Hall became close during the pandemic. In accordance with, That Jersey shore The star said, “The pandemic gave us the opportunity to focus on our relationship and we were able to film too,” he continued. “It’s great to take her with me because she’s friends with my Jersey Shore family. now their family. So that was great. It was a good time and we just live day after day. We are happy”.

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2 Paulie Dee is already calling Nikki Hall “wifey”

Poly D already started calling Nikki “little wife” which delighted the fans of the couple. This, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is not a concrete sign that both DelVecchio and Hall are ready to tie the knot. “Wife” has long been a simple pet term for your special person and in no way means future wedding bells. Fans will have to keep waiting to see if Poly and Nikki will move to the next level for at least a little longer.

one A marriage on the horizon for Paulie Dee and Nikki Hall?

With all the signs pointing to (or at least alluding to) the couple’s engagement (despite the lack of a ring on Hall’s finger), the couple seems ready to make it official. However, the engagement is almost certainly not, and this does not mean that the marriage is in the future. Is an Poly D really ready to get married? Well, he left some controversial words to the couple’s fans regarding the future of their relationship.… In accordance with Page sixPaulie wanted to say, “Who knows what the future holds?” Paulie continued, “We just do it day after day. We have nothing set in stone, and we are just enjoying each other’s company at the moment. “

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