How Sinead O’Connor fought to help Shane’s “handsome” son with demons

With his cocky features and short-cut hair, his resemblance to Sinead’s mom in her haunting video Nothing Compares 2 U was striking.

The “beautiful” Shane O’Connor, whom the Irish singer called “the very light of my life”, delighted his proud mother with his poetic appeal to words.


Sinead O’Connor tragically lost her son, Shane.
Sinead threatens legal action against the hospital that cared for her son


Sinead threatens legal action against the hospital that cared for her son1 credit

Now Sinead, who has endured so much mental anguish in her 55 years, had to officially identify the 17-year-old’s body just days after reporting her son’s missing and calling for his safe return.

Police found Shane’s body in a Dublin suburb on Friday night.

The Executive Director of the Irish Health Service said: “We cannot comment on isolated cases where this could lead to the disclosure of information concerning identifiable persons, which is a violation of the ethical requirement for us to respect our duty of confidentiality.”

Sinead later tweeted Bob Marley’s song Ride Natty Ride along with a photo of her beloved son.

She said, “This is for my Shane. The light of my life. The lamp of my soul. My blue-eyed child.

“You will always be my light. We’ll always be together. No border can divide us. “

With courage and fortitude, she wrote on social media that Shane “decided to end his earthly struggle.”

A mother of four added: “My child. I love you so much. Please calm down. “

This came just days after Sinead claimed that Shane had escaped from the hospital and she is now threatening legal action.

The talented poet was the “poured out” of my mother

Sinead with sons Shein and Yeshua


Sinead with sons Shein and Yeshua1 credit

A talented poet, Shane was the child of Sinead and musician Donal Lanny, who separated shortly after she was born.

Just before Christmas, Mom shared a “lovely” poem written by her son, whose full name was Neviim Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor.

Sharing it with fans on December 21, she wrote: “What I loved the most about 2021 was that my 17-year-old son Shane O’Connor wrote this beautiful poem.

“It’s at a 6/8 pace.”

The poem read: “The blood never ends. Failure of people. Raise the knife as quickly as a feather. How many lives should we spend again. “

“For the freedom of my cock and love for my chicken.

“You would trade places with a frustrated person if the December birds became June birds.”

He goes on to add, “You would go to old places just to look new or bring memories with you when out of the blue.”

Last May, Sinead posted a rare photo of herself with a teenager as he accompanied her to receive the second vaccine.

She wrote: “Second vaccine today.

“My lovely 17 year old son is coming with me 🙂 Here is Neviim Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor #Gentleman.”

One adoring fan replied, “Your look. Big eyes like mom’s. The son always takes care of his precious mother.

Another added: “The apple is not far from the apple tree! Good luck with the vaccine. It’s a pretty emotional experience and it’s liberating. “

Coping with adolescent mental health

The Grammy winner has spoken openly about her son’s mental health problems in the past.

When he went missing in January 2019 at the age of 14, she asked parents who might know his whereabouts to contact the local police.

A worried mother then tweeted: “My sweet 14-year-old son has gone missing frequently and has now gone missing for the past two days.

“If you are a parent where he has stayed or is staying, call Dundrum Gardai.

“If you don’t call them, it won’t help him.”

He later returned unharmed.

And last February, she asked fans to pray for her son after what she called “a terrible day from hell.”

“Dear, kind” dad distanced himself from his son because of self-isolation

Papa Donal lived


Papa Donal lived “screaming distance” from Shane, but found their separation due to the “hard” blockage.1 credit

Sinead has three more children: Jake, 34, a chef whose father is John Reynolds; Roisen, 26, pastry chef and daughter of John Waters; and Yeshua, 15, son of Frank Bonadio.

She previously hinted at a strained relationship with Donal – the father of Shane, her third child – before later expressing “regret” about the comments and saying that he was a “lovely, kind” dad.

She later clarified the comments on Twitter: “I’m sorry I was too lazy to edit my book (Memories) regarding a small negative reference to Donal Lanny. In fact, I really love him. And I really admire his Beatles influence on Irish traditional music. He is also a wonderful, kind father for our son. “

In an interview last year, folk singer Donal Lanny said it was “hard” for him not to see Shane, who lived nearby, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

He told The Late Late Show, “As for me, I have a son and daughter far overseas and we don’t see each other that often. We communicate by phone or Zoom or whatever.

“In Dublin, screaming away, I have a daughter, Cora, and a son, Shane. We do not see each other, and we are just wandering along the road, so that we can be far apart. So it’s tricky. It’s complicated.”

After revealing the tragic news of Shane over the weekend, Sinead tweeted a touching tribute to Donal.

“You did your best too, Donal,” she wrote. And Shane adored you. And I will always remember how nice you were to him. You were a wonderful father. I am very sorry for your loss. “

Escape from the hospital

Sinead sent an appeal to defend Shane when he escaped from the hospital


Sinead sent an appeal to defend Shane when he escaped from the hospital

Sinead, who became a global superstar after releasing a cover of Prince Nothing Compares 2 U in 1990, has long been an active advocate of mental health.

In 2007, she told Oprah Winfrey in an interview that she tried to commit suicide on her 33rd birthday.

She spent time in mental health facilities and was diagnosed with complex PTSD, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

Shortly before sharing the news of Shane’s tragic passing, Sinead announced that her son had gone missing from Tallaght Hospital in Dublin on Thursday, January 6, and shared a call for his return.

She wrote: “This is a message for my son Shane. Shane, it’s not funny anymore that this is all gone. You scare the hell out of me.

“Could you please do the right thing and report to the police station. If you’re with Shane, please call security for his safety. “

In another post, the terrified mom added, “Shane, your life is priceless.

“It was not for nothing that God carved this beautiful smile on your beautiful face.

“My world would have collapsed without you. You are my heart.

“Please don’t stop him from fighting. Please don’t hurt yourself. Go to Garda and we will take you to the hospital. “

Sinead, who converted to Islam in 2018 and took the name Shuhada Sadakat, wondered how the teenager, whom she claimed was to watch for suicide, had previously tried to commit suicide twice, had left the hospital.

Before learning that her son was dead, Sinead threatened to sue the hospital if he died.

She continued, “The hospital, of course, refuses to take on any responsibility for now. Has anything happened to my son under their supervision? Lawsuits “.

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Over the years, Sinead has struggled with her own mental health.


Over the years, Sinead has struggled with her own mental health.1 credit
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