How Sons Of Anarchy Fans Really Feel About Juice

On Reddit, several Sons of Anarchy fans agreed they felt sorry for Juice. For example, you/bennet21 wrote: “Juice was again and again his worst enemy.” In a similar way, u/CoBludIt added, “I really liked the character and hoped the inevitable wouldn’t happen.”

In another comment, u / Mature turtle wrote that they believed that despite his betrayal, Juice still feels loyal to SAMCRO until the very end. He never wants to attack his brothers, but believes he has no other choice. In another answer u/sockswithcats wrote, “[T]about me, he just seemed like someone who used to be a broken boy… sort of lost. I feel like Gemma swooped in to push him even further.”

On the other hand, some viewers considered Juice weak. According to u/Petey_2Times, Juice lets Lieutenant Roosevelt get into his head. This user claimed that if Juice had just gone to Jax and the rest of SAMCRO with his new knowledge, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t kick him out for being half black.

In another comment, u/drum_playing_twig found Juice SAMCRO’s betrayal unforgivable. This user called Juice “treacherous” and said: “[T]The only good thing was that Juice had a great arc in terms of storyline and the actor played him really well.” easily influenced by law enforcement.

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