How the Grinch has changed over the years

More than 60 years ago, the world met the green, hairy, grumpy, Christmas-hating Grinch. He started out as a character in one of Dr. Seuss’s books and quickly became one of the most famous characters in history. When Dr. Seuss created him, he probably never would have guessed that his character would still be very popular today. The Grinch can be found all over the place when the holidays come.

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Most people know him from Dr. Seuss’s book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and the eponymous animated television series. But now he also has two feature films about him, including one that just came out in 2018. This is how much the Grinch has changed over the years from the 1950s to the present.

7 Dr. Seuss brought the Grinch into the world in the 1950s

Dr. Seuss first wrote about his character in a poem that was published in Red Book magazine in 1955. But he did not publish How the Grinch Stole Christmas! up to two years later. He drew inspiration from his own life to create his famous character. During an interview in 1957 Red BookDr. Seuss said, “Something went wrong with Christmas, as I understand it, or more likely with me. So I wrote a story about my grim friend the Grinch to see if I could rediscover something about Christmas that I obviously would have lost. “


6 After nine years, he became an animated character.

Dr. Seuss initially did not like the idea of ​​his book becoming an animated television series. He didn’t want anyone to interfere with his story about the Grinch. However, director Chuck Jones finally convinced him to do so nine years after the book was published. While Dr. Seuss disagreed with Chuck changing the Grinch’s appearance, the decision to let the TV program move forward was one of the best decisions he ever made. After that, everyone knew who the Grinch was and he became one of the most famous Christmas characters of all time. He also had two other TV shows, Halloween is the night of the Grinch and The grinch grins at the cat in the hat, thereafter.

5 Jim Carrey revived the Grinch

More than 30 years after the Grinch first appeared on television, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors has brought one of the most famous characters of all time to life. Fans were only able to see the Grinch as a 2D animated character, but in 2000 we saw what he would look like as a live action character. Jim Carrey spent hours every day doing his makeup to look like him (and in the process he developed a difficult relationship with his makeup artist), but his silly and sarcastic personality is what really brought him back to life. We’ve seen so much more than just a villain stealing Christmas.

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4 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Reveals Why The Grinch Hates Christmas So Much

Neither the book nor the animated series tell us why the Grinch hates Christmas so much. But decades later, we finally saw why his heart is two sizes smaller. How the Grinch Stole Christmas tells the story more from the perspective of Cindy Lou and shows how she discovers who the Grinch is. She meets him by accident when he visits Whoville one day, and realizes that he is not as bad as everyone says. This makes her find out who he really is. She discovers that he hates Christmas because Someone bullies him during Christmas when he was a child. Since then, he hated Whos and Christmas. His backstory in this film makes us sympathize with him and shows why he is so angry because he has been through a lot.

3 Lighting gives the Grinch a modern look

About 18 years after How the Grinch Stole Christmas came out, we should see a different version of the Grinch. Illumination, an animation studio known for producing popular Despicable Me franchises have taken the Grinch’s timeless history and made a twist of their own. Like their other films, they created The grinch with 3D animation. The studio did an amazing job creating the Grinch and Whoville in 3D. The grinch looks similar to the original character design, except that his face is slightly different and he looks more fluffy. And Whoville looks even better in 3D. The studio has kept the style of Dr. Seuss, but has given it a modern look. There are more objects in Whoville that you might see today than in the 1950s when Dr. Seuss first created it. The grinch there are also songs by artists popular today.

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2 The Grinch (2018) changed its backstory

Since the creation of Lighting The grinch unlike other versions of the story, they decided to change the backstory of the Grinch as well. The only other backstory we’ve seen so far is the childhood bullying of the Grinch. How the Grinch Stole Christmas… But the filmmakers at Illumination thought he needed a different backstory to explain why he hates Christmas. At the beginning of the film, the Grinch remembers being alone at the orphanage and sees how everyone else is happy to spend Christmas with their families. Instead of being offended at Christmas and Whom because of the bullying, he takes offense at them because they left him alone for the rest of his life.

one Every Grinch is different, but the essence of the story always remains the same

In addition to the fact that his heart has tripled, the Grinch has undergone many changes over the years. He started out as a book character but later developed into one of the most famous characters ever created. Each version of the Grinch is different, but he remains the same character Dr. Seuss created, no matter how much his appearance or his story has changed. In every version of it, he’s a lonely inventor who uses his skills to get revenge on Whos and ruin the holiday he hates. And the story always ends with him turning into a better person and realizing that Christmas is about so much more than just gifts. No matter how many versions of the Grinch there are, he always teaches us the true meaning of Christmas.

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