How ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ fans really felt about that funeral scene in Season 2 Episode 5

After two episodes of the show premiered, fans accepted Reddit to discuss the episodes, which drew much praise for the funeral scene in the second episode. One fan you / krannwrote, “That funeral scene and the music playing between the funeral and the ballet was just great.”

Next, u/theicecreamassassin pointed out that the decision to cut scenes from the ballet and scenes from the funeral emphasized that the funeral was just a show – a performance in itself. U/hellojocelyn pointed out that the ballet was also a reference to an earlier point in the show: “And June is crying now that she could watch real ballet instead of the little box of dancing ballerina trinkets that Serena gave her.”

In addition, several fans noted that Elisabeth Moss, in addition to starring in these episodes, also directed both Episode 1 and Episode 2, and expressed nothing but praise for the actor-director. one user, you/gotchunguswrote: “I was in absolute awe. Amazing work by Lizzie” you/serket3d supported the impressive nature of the scene and declared Moss a great director.

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