How The King Of Queens’ Live Audience Influenced Kevin James’ Performance

In that Clip on YouTube 2020 In a series of behind-the-scenes interviews, Kevin James discussed why a live audience is so important to his work on The King of Queens. Asked how the energy of the audience translates into his performance in front of the camera, the actor said: “It’s the same in stand-up. If you crack one joke and get a big laugh at it, you’ll be more confident about your next joke. .” But, as the actor said Philadelphia Voice, in addition to the reaction of the audience, you also need spontaneity: “Jokes are not songs,” he said. “It’s not the same as listening to your favorite song. Comedy is supposed to be a surprise.”

In the same YouTube interview, the actor added that if the audience doesn’t respond, it could cause the actor to lose faith in the next joke and “fall back a bit because you don’t believe in it.” He also described the benefit of having a live audience react to the passage with more enthusiasm and laughter, saying, “You know, studio audiences like that are amazing.” But, in a self-deprecating digression, he then admitted that if the audience didn’t laugh because the joke didn’t work out, “we’d just sweeten it up,” referring to the process of adding a laugh track as the show’s footage was filmed. edited to heighten lackluster audience reaction.

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