How ‘The Lost Boy’ actress Jamie Gertz continued her marriage for more than 30 years.

Lost boys Star, Jamie Gertz. Having been happily married to billionaire husband Anthony Wrestler for more than 30 years, the couple has been deeply in love for years. After dating for two years, Anthony and Jami married in a private marriage on June 16, 1989, and the marriage, which now spans three decades, gave birth to three sons, Oliver, 27, Simon, 24, and Theo, 21.

The dynamic pair lives in a. Spacious seven-bedroom mansion in Beverly Park Terrace And they strongly believe in helping to make the world a better place. Jami once said: “It’s as a couple and as a family. We should all help each other in this world. That’s the decision we made as a family to make the world a little better.” ”

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Love at first sight

It was really a young love story. Gertz met her husband, Anthony Wrestler, in 1986 when she was just 21 years old. He met her through her publisher, Susan Geller.

Their love story began when Wrestler asked the actress to brunch after meeting him at a dinner party in his apartment in Los Angeles.

Jamie Gertz told the Hollywood Reporter. That her story is not a regular actress marries the story of a rich man. Everyone agrees that when Gertz had more money than a wrestler when they met.

He said: “Everyone thinks I’m married to a rich man, but I made more money when I met Tony. I paid for my first house. I took my first vacation. I married her because I loved her.

Welfare work

One reason, it seems, is that Jami and Antony’s marriage has been so successful because of their similar views. In 2012, the pair topped Forbes Magazine’s list of the 30 Most Generous Personalities.

Gertz and Wrestler made a large donation of ، 10,569,000 million to the Wrestler Gertz Foundation. Other grants from the foundation include 1. 1.7 million to the LA County Museum of Art and $ 400,000 to Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

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Gertz and Wrestler share three children.

Jamie Gertz with his son.

Jamie and Anthony are survived by their three sons, Oliver Jordan Wrestler, 27, Nicholas Simon Wrestler, 24, and Theo Wrestler, 21.

Oliver currently works as an associate at Courtside Ventures and previously served as a board adviser to the Atlanta Hawks. Interestingly, Jamie Gertz and Tony Wrestler are part of the professional basketball team at the NBA. Similarly, Nicholas has followed in the footsteps of his parents, who are currently employed by the Atlanta Hawks as director of business and basketball operations. The youngest son, Theo, is an investment banking analyst in New York.

The couple who live together live together.

Jamie Gertz and Anthony Wrestler have several joint ventures. From the Milwaukee Brewers to the NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks.

In the early days of their marriage, Wrestler decided to work things out in Los Angeles for Gertz’s career, and he certainly paid 3 3 billion with the couple.

Gertz is currently the couple’s biggest buying face: the Atlanta Hawks. According to Forbes, the pair bought the team for 30 730 million.

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They appreciate each other’s skills.

When it comes to running a successful business, this is something the couple has mastered. But what motivates them to work?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The wrestler is busy with customers in his wife’s arms. While Gertz smiles in front of everyone, the wrestler works behind the scenes with the Atlanta Hawks.

Wrestler said: “I think it’s fair to say. [Jami Gertz] Gives a better impression on our fan base than any of us in the organization. I am very active in making business and player decisions. But Jami takes a step back when it comes to many parts of the business that I don’t appreciate or have any experience with.

They share the same belief.

Hawks owners Jamie Gertz and Tony Wrestler.

Source: Source:

Gertz, who was 21 when he met Wrestler, was raised in a Jewish working class family in Glen View, Illinois. According to the Hollywood Reporter, He was immediately taken away with the 27-year-old wrestler, who also shared the Jewish faith. He lived on Long Island at the time and was a big fan of the LA Lakers.

Jamie Gertz said: “He was a good man who had a job that any Jewish girl in Glen Wave wanted. It would be nice if he was a doctor or a lawyer, but a banker was fine too.

The couple loves to entertain friends, and during their wedding, they held lavish dinner parties during the Jewish holidays, attended by stars such as Disney chairman Bob Bob Eger and wife Willow Bay.

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Jamie Gertz among the missing boys.
How ‘The Lost Boys’ Actress Jamie Gertz Became A Billionaire

In addition to earning an income as an actress, a joint venture with Gertz’s husband, Tony Wrestler, raises their combined net worth.

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