How the Netflix environment differs from previous environments

One of the most interesting things that sets this Netflix version of Wednesday Addams apart from its predecessors is that she initially largely despises her parents’ apparently passionate marriage. In some versions of Wednesday, it is known how much Gomez (Luis Guzmán) loves Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones). See Christina Ricci’s Wednesday’s version bluntly stating that her brother Pubert exists because of their passion in Addams Family Values. In “Wednesday,” our protagonist seems to be a bit repulsed by their closeness. For example, she looks the other way when her father kisses the back of her mother’s hand while the family is on their way to an interview at Nevermore Academy.


Wednesday Ortega is also very outraged that her parents decided to spy on her by sneaking the Thing to school; she threatens the poor disembodied creature with violence if he does not follow her orders in place of the older Addamses. Previous versions of Gomez and Morticia reveled in their kids’ little rebellions and supported their every daring move, but this time they’re determined to make sure she stays in a no-frills school. It’s for a reason that doesn’t become apparent until the show starts, but it’s still a significant change.

This environment also cares about others in a much more obvious way and even hugs one of their friends. And she also has something that her predecessors never had – literary ambitions. Wednesday Ortega is in the middle of writing a detective novel when her life is shrouded in a real mystery that is somewhat different from previous Wednesdays that had theatrical, sports or musical ambitions. All this suggests that this environment is one of a kind.

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