How the ‘Sex and the City’ stars reacted to Willie Garson’s passing.

Willie Garrison Played Carrie BradshawBest friend of Stanford Bleach, On Sex. And Of City., But he was also the best friend of fans around the world! Leaving a glorious legacy, Garson died. At the young age of 57 on September 21, 2021. Death of the New York Times The family of the late actor confirmed on Thursday that he had died of cancer at his home in Los Angeles. The sad news reached home, and tributes began, while others, such as Garson’s Costar, needed some time before speaking.

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Of Gender and city Alum was recently spotted on the set. Restoration , And just like that.Therefore, the news of his demise came as a shock to the world. The shocking news of his death is clearly a hard shot to swallow, especially for his close friends. SATC, With whom he was only filming scenes.

Below is a heartfelt tribute to her most beloved costars, who spent six seasons with the actor before the spin-off.

Chris Knott

Garson’s progress was with the character Carrie Bradshaw’s loyal face. Over the years, audiences have laughed at the character who portrayed a gay man instead. One actor who spent a lot of time with Garson was Chris Knott, who portrayed Mr. Big, Kerry’s lover.

Nath was one of the first to arrive, he posted a picture on his Instagram titled, “Willie with a red heart and a broken heart”. A man of short words, fans don’t need to know that he is mourning the loss of a friend. What made this tribute even more emotional was that the actor decided to share a picture of Parker and Garson, an inseparable couple.

Low caterpillar.

Of SATC The universe mourns the loss of a son and best friend! And with the upcoming sequel, Earth Breaking and Smart Show, there’s another star that’s “gone” – Kim Kettle.

He may have refused revenge, but he had something to say about his beloved Stanford, whom Garson had revived. After the announcement, Kettle posted a picture of herself and Garson behind the scenes. Reading lines, with the words, “Such sad news and very sad loss for the SATC family. Our condolences and dear guardians.” The sweet message after his tragic death has touched many people.

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Mario Canton.

Stanford was certainly a character who embraced all the stereotypes of the late 1990s, and her razor-sharp figure was her husband, Anthony Marantino, played by the eccentric Mario Canton.

Canton took the opportunity to say goodbye to his spiritual companion. In an Instagram post, Canton uttered words that brought tears to many people’s eyes, “You were a gift from the gods.” If those seven words aren’t enough to summarize the impact Garson has on his acquaintances, we don’t know what they are. Canton, whose character married Garson in the second installment of the franchise, shared a photo of the two-looking Dipper with the caption, “I couldn’t have had a better TV partner than this. Will be gone soon.We are sending all our love to the grieving actor!

Michael Patrick Williams.

The future of HBO Max will not be the same without the tragic loss of revival. SATCVery own.

Shortly after announcing the death of Nathan Garson on Instagram at the age of 57, the executive producer of the famous and revolutionary show, Michael Patrick Williams shared a heartbreaking emotional statement. Different types.. His reaction to the loss of a pure-hearted man is like that of a man who was a garrison. “The Sex and the City family has lost one of them,” said Williams. He was giving us everything he had – even when he was sick. His many gifts as an actor and person will be remembered by all. Will offer

Cynthia Nixon

Garson’s other partner, Nixon, who plays Miranda, paid tribute to his longtime friend on both Twitter and Instagram. Her post was more personal as she dedicated a few words to Garson’s son.

Recalling his dedication as a father, he said, “Nathan, I hope you know how much he loved you and how proud he was to be your father.” And the rest of his tribute read, “We all loved him and loved working with him. He was endlessly funny on screen and in real life. He was a source of light, friendship and show business. Always. ”

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Kirsten Davis

Kirsten Davis, who played Charlotte with Starford and Garson, also shared her grief with the world.

Much like Nixon, although Davis has countless photos with the late actor, she wanted to make sure that he expressed his appreciation for children, and in particular, his adoption. Son. Sharing three different photos with Garson and his loved ones (Nathan, Davis himself, and SJP), Davis captioned the sweet photos superficially, “I really pay tribute to his single father’s fearless commitment. And nothing has made him happier and more proud than his son Nathan. “He then added,” I am thankful for all the time we had and thank you for your time. The bright light is in the film forever. ” We feel the wave of grief.

Candice Bishal.

Inspiration behind. SATC And its cosmic quantity Cosmos and cupcakes? Candice Bushnell’s novel.

And there is no one in the whole. SATC The universe that can be more related to Stanford, the original Carrie Bradshaw herself, to Bishal. Although Bishal had no role in the show, it is clear that it is all due to his literary magic. Apparently shocked by the death of a dear friend, Bishal shared a critical message on his Instagram page. In his usual “just because” fashion with Garson’s character, Bushnell wrote, “Stanford Blach is very dear to me and Willie brought it to life so beautifully. What a gift for all of us.”

David Eganberg.

It’s not always easy to find the right words to say after a loved one has passed away, but his or her stars. SATC Achieved harmony in respecting his trusted friend.

David Eganberg, whom we like as Steve Brady, shared a photo of the bright late actor as we know him, and wrote, “Willie; the most handsome handsome man. There is no one better than him. Sleep well, my friend, you will always be remembered.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The SJP is now back on the streets of NYC for filming. and so on … But the star is struggling to lose a dear friend. Parker, who was reunited with her costumes for revenge, was spending her days with her on-screen BFF. However, the strange chemistry between the couple was not just acting because they were both the best in real life. Three months before his death, Special conversation with Garson. We are weekly. On his friendship with SJP“We talk almost every day,” he says.

After the heartbreaking death of his dear friend, the SJP returned to work with a brave face. He also spent several days in private mourning before paying tribute to his friend, which he shared was an “unbearable” loss. See the full title of Tears Above!

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