How the Storage Wars raffle led to $6,000 bets on lockers

In the Season 2 episode “Operation Tramp”, Nabila Haniss raised the price to a ridiculous price. There were many jokes in this episode, including Dave Hester showing up with huge trucks bearing his name (which he barely filled) and Barry Weiss tricking other customers into thinking he was an old man on oxygen who roamed by accident. Haniss, tired of the shenanigans, held a bidding on a locker with two motorcycles (although the motorcycles had to be auctioned separately from the locker, which led to some drama), so Darrell Sheets, also known as “The Gambler”, took the bait and bought the locker for 6650 dollars. He was over $3,000 short of even making money off the device, even after finding a nifty-looking dart in it.

Sheets was one of the popular characters in the series, but, according to IMDBhe did not immediately return to the show when it returned from hiatus in 2021. This is not surprising because in March 2019 Sheets appeared on Instagram that he had suffered two consecutive heart attacks requiring emergency surgery. Sheets finally returned to the show in 2022 when he appeared in the episode “Piles to Clear Before We Sleep”. We’re certainly glad the Storage Wars star survived.

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