How to cook the coronation chicken served in 1953 to celebrate the ascension of Queen Elizabeth to the throne and the history of the dish

You will need to make a trip to the grocery store before preparing this historic dish. You will need to buy kitchen twine for the bouquet garni.

For the chicken you will need:

  • 1 small chicken or chicken breast (about 2½ lbs/1.1 kg)

  • 1 bulb

  • 1 celery stalk

  • 1 carrot

  • ½ tablespoon salt

  • Bouquet garni (parsley, bay leaf, thyme sprigs)

For the sauce you will need:

  • ½ tablespoon of neutral oil (sunflower or rapeseed)

  • ½ tbsp onion

  • ½-1 tablespoon curry paste

  • ½ tbsp tomato puree

  • 65 ml (4 tablespoons) red wine

  • 65 ml (4 tablespoons) water

  • 1 bay leaf

  • a pinch of sugar

  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice (plus more to adjust seasoning if needed)

  • 1 lemon slice

  • salt and pepper

  • 4 dried apricots, soaked in hot water for 30 minutes, then finely chopped

  • 200 ml (about ¾ cup) very good quality mayonnaise

  • 2-3 tablespoons whipped or double cream

If you decide to make your own mayonnaise, you will need:

  • one egg yolk

  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • slice of lemon

  • ½ teaspoon mustard

  • 250-300 ml (1 to 1.25 cups) neutral oil

  • 1 tablespoon vinegar, preferably tarragon vinegar

A copy of the coronation dinner menu is in the original The Constance Spry Cookery Book at chef Angela Wood’s home in Kimbolton, north London. Spry, the florist, helped put together the menu. Photo: AFP

one. Soak the apricots for 30 minutes and cut them into small pieces.

2. Finely chop the onion, celery and carrots. Make a simple mirapua by frying them in 1 tablespoon of butter for six to eight minutes to soften them until they are translucent and fragrant, but not browned. Remove the saucepan from the heat.

3. Place the chicken and six cups of water in a saucepan with mirapua, about one tablespoon of salt, and a bunch of parsley, thyme sprigs, and bay leaves wrapped in cheesecloth and tied with kitchen twine (you can do without the cheesecloth). ). Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer the chicken for no more than 20 minutes. Let the chicken cool in the water, then remove, cut into cubes and set aside.

A smiling Queen Elizabeth poses with her family in the throne room at Buckingham Palace after her coronation.  Photo: Getty Images

A smiling Queen Elizabeth poses with her family in the throne room at Buckingham Palace after her coronation. Photo: Getty Images

The recipe calls for 200 ml of “very good quality mayonnaise” and contains an additional recipe for home cooks. You can skip this step if you are using store-bought mayonnaise.

four. Mix together one egg yolk, ¼ teaspoon salt, lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon mustard. Then very slowly whisk or fold the butter into the mixture, making sure that it is thoroughly blended into a mayonnaise-like consistency. Add a tablespoon of vinegar and stir.

5. To make the sauce, stir-fry ½ tbsp. chopped onion in ½ tbsp. neutral oil, then add 1 tbsp. curry paste, ½ tbsp. tomato puree, 65 ml (about 4 tablespoons) of wine, an equal amount of water, one bay leaf, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and one lemon slice. Bring to a boil, then simmer uncovered for 10-15 minutes to reduce the sauce. Let cool.

6. Once cool, stir the mayonnaise into the sauce, add the chopped apricots and 2 tablespoons of whipped cream. The color of the sauce should change from dark red to light red.

7. Dip the chicken in the sauce and serve it on a bed of steamed rice with green peas, or on bread, or in a salad, or on its own.

This recipe is much easier than it looks. Words like mirapua or bouquet garni may seem intimidating, but both are simple and take a maximum of 10 minutes.

Pieces of fruit add a pleasant sweetness to curry paste, red wine, lemon juice and other similar flavors. Homemade mayonnaise goes well with the sauce.

The chicken, although diced, felt like shredded chicken at first and was very tender in the first few bites.

Perhaps what stood out the most about the coronation chicken was its versatility. This is a kind of recipe that can be a main dish or a side dish.

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