How to fix the error “Could not start the game”

There are several ways to fix the “Could not start the game” error, and some of them are much faster than others. The easiest solution is to right-click “Escape from Tarkov” and select “Run as administrator”.

If that doesn’t work, the developer suggested various alternative methods to try. First, you can check if your antivirus is blocking the game launcher. After that, make sure you don’t have a virus (the developer of Battlestate Games recommends a free program called Dr.Web CureIt!). Also make sure you have enough RAM to run Escape from Tarkov, which you can do with the developer’s recommended MemTest86 program.

If the FPS still won’t launch, the solutions become more complex. You will need to reinstall DirectX and/or the program to see how it works. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you can clean your registry by running a registry cleaner.

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