How To Get Billie Eilish’s and Kristen Stewart’s Vintage Met Gala Fringes

Consider last night’s topic Met Gala. (In the US: A Dictionary of Fashion), it is not surprising that we saw a whole bunch of old and old Hollywood-inspired shapes. And while fashion was undoubtedly the highlight, It looks beautiful Also presented some serious vintage inspo.

Especially when it comes down to it. Hair -And does the old-school glam extend like a helpless edge? And when there were a few. Edge Who made his way on the red carpet (Megan FoxThe blunt, cut edge is a respectable mention), if you ask us, it was. Bailey Elish. And Kirsten Stewart Who stole the fringe show.

The cat was clearly blown away by Marilyn Monroe. door, Complete with a side broom, Kirsten Stewart went for a rosy The Reviter-ore rockabilly tick. And in fact, we think it’s going to be taken seriously. So, if you like a little change or trying to be a little more glamorous, here’s how to get the look;

Kirsten Stewart’s better rockable fringe.

Created by celebrity hairstylist Adair Ebergel, Kirsten’s Edge was a tribute to the American glamor and working girl of the 40’s and 50’s. “The definition of this popular style was a reminder of strength and determination,” Ebergal said. Rosie Reuter was a reference in my mind as well as the effect and symbol of women’s liberation. I saw references to Betty Greibel, Rita Heworth, Betty Page, and the famous Victory Rolls that were designed to impress their faces.

So how is this done? Abergel combed Kirsten’s hair from vertebrate volumizing primer to root to midshaft to create memory and hold, then to protect, repair and add vertebrate healing oil. Shine From medium length to end.

After blowing the rest of the hair with a round brush, it was not easy to make the edges. It just separated a V shape in front of the hair line and twisted the edge, securing it under the pins. Finish with a healthy load. Hair spray And you’re good to go.

Cat Elish’s Monroe Sweep.

Prove 70’s style ability. Shag kitCat’s Marilyn Monroe Ore Ball was the talk of the night. Since debuting its hitherto popular blonde shag earlier this year, the shag cut has become one of the most popular hairstyles of the year. But on the red carpet last night, the cat styled his shag kit in a vintage glamic style, complete with a full Side sweep Edge

If you’re one of the many people who already has a shig kit, styling it is actually a lot easier than it looks. Start by washing your hair and apply a little bit of mousse on the roots before drying it somewhat on the side part, on top of the broom. Then, using a circle. Hot brushDry different layers of hair, pull it up and down as you go, and round the ends. Shape off any stray layers. Tweezers Or one Straightener And set with hair spray shade load. And sound!

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