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  • In 2013 I spent the rest of my life in London and moved to the French capital for an old relationship. In the eight-and-a-half years since I moved to Paris, I’ve learned a lot about life, as I’ve shown in my new book, but in particular I’ve learned about style and dress. In particular, I want to share my French sustainable fashion tips.

    By the author Pearson’s exercise, Marissa Cox

    The way we buy clothes and the way we buy clothes has changed dramatically. Things like test clothes, fashion feeds, bluefish nets (yes I wore them a few times at university) and clothes are so bright and full of patterns that you just need a pair of sunglasses to look at me. Thankfully, shopping for panic and buying a scarf is also a thing of the past, like a wardrobe I’ve only worn once. Instead, I left my closet behind, made a capsule closet, and chose to invest in the items I wear over and over again. In the process, thanks to Parisians, my wardrobe has become more durable. I have less, but more quality than quantity.

    The Parisian style is simple.

    Giving my clothes a new lease of life, I have learned that the Parisian style is actually very simple. As Chanel himself once said: “Simplicity is the key to all true beauty.” It is its simplicity and ease that makes it tasty, timeless and most importantly, sustainable in today’s climate – a little more on that. I believe that French fashion is so popular and imitated all over the world because it is easy to imitate.

    The Parisian style can be modified in a few pieces, as time has shown, never go out of fashion. Items such as white shirt, trench, breton top, high waist, straight leg jeans and a slightly larger black blazer. They are timeless because they are simple and easy to find and meet. It also means that if you have these basic pieces in your closet, you need to invest in just one or two items in a season instead of refreshing your entire wardrobe. The ability to cross trends is a philosophy on which many Paris-born brands are built. The APC, for example, was originally created in response to “more design and more hyped seasonal fashion trends” and is fulfilling its purpose today. I have had my Demi Leone bag for many years and I present it as a closet in my book.

    Parisian passion for vintage.

    It is not uncommon for Parisians to inherit clothes from family members. In a city so steeped in history that it is even made a champion, it is very common for mothers to move items that they had invested in at an early age. When I interviewed Monica de la Vallardier, a journalist and co-founder of the fashion no-filter podcast for my book, she admitted that she had a lot of things that her grandmother wore during her time in Paris in the 1940s. Because they are still stylish. Related today. Not surprisingly, Vestiaire Collective (launched in 2009) is one of the first fashion sites to enable customers to buy and sell second-hand clothes and accessories. It has undoubtedly paved the way for future businesses and similar apps, such as Depot, which came into operation in 2011 and promotes recycling and re-wear in the process.

    French sustainable fashion

    Simplicity, recycling and old shopping are ingrained in the minds of the people of Paris. Vintage clothing also impressed one of Paris’ most advanced high street brands. سیزان۔. Its founder, Morgan Cecilory, sold vintage clothing on eBay. When he launched Suzanne in 2013, he tried to imitate the durable quality of vintage clothing he loved. روجے۔ Founded in 2016 by Jane Doms, it features timeless designs that are no different from what Jane Birkin wore in the ’60s.

    Less is more and better for the environment.

    Less and less investing in items that last longer may not seem mental, but the holy grail of French sustainable fashion tips. It’s easy to forget when we look at fashion week trends and wear our favorite fashion icons. Fortunately in Paris, the emotions are more or less the same – in most areas of their lives, from make-up to alcohol and food. Everything has to be enjoyed in moderation. So while Parisians are passionate about fashion, they don’t wear all new shapes. Instead, they prefer to pick a new piece to update their look each season that can be worn with other things they already have. As Monica told me in her interview: “To be chosen is to be elegant.” Also, it is very non-Persian to try too hard or over-dress.

    Simple style is more durable.

    Since the Parisian style is simple, I believe that French sustainable fashion is more modern than any other fashion in the world. If something doesn’t go out of fashion, you don’t have to throw it away. This is the ethics behind Balzac Paris. Its founder, Cresolin de Gastains, wanted to launch a brand that designs a limited range of timeless and classic collections to help women create a more responsible wardrobe. When I asked her for three of her favorite wardrobe items for her book, she told me they were jeans, a shirt and shoes. You will see that there is a running theme again. And when stylist Deborah Rainer Sebag and the founder of the musician, Anne Laver Mess, contributed to her wardrobe needs, they both mentioned the same style of jeans: Vintage Levi’s 501s.

    We all know that fashion is the second most polluted planet. Although things are changing, fashion still promotes a culture of throwing away, but if you practice a little Parisian you will find a carefully crafted wardrobe that you will love to wear again. Pieces that have a long lifespan and that will last from season to season, long after trends change.

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