How to solve the cemetery puzzle

Firstly, you can get to the secret cemetery only after defeating some bosses. Depending on which route you take, this will mean defeating the Giant Gloomstone and Mortimer Freeze, or the Moonshine Mafia and Esther Winchester.

When the graveyard is available, you should notice an inquisitive ghost near the graves, as shown in Video GTS13. Talk to him and he will give you a cryptic piece of dialogue: “This is a contest of skill, this broken artifact, this eerie graveyard. There must be order and order in it!” So what is a contest of skill and a broken artifact? Well, if you visit Porkrind’s shop, you will find a broken relic for sale. Take it, equip it and go to the northernmost part of the island.

Here you will see three characters standing on the rating pedestal. The solution to this puzzle is chosen randomly for each player, so it’s important to pay close attention to the cardinal points they say. If a character on the third place podium says, “My buddies cheered me up, but I let them down. Left the race third”, which means that the third tombstone you will interact with will be “bottom left”.

When interacting with the tombstones, each time return to the central tombstone. If the character mentions “upper right” in the first place, you will interact with the grave that is “upper right” from the center. Touch the graves in the correct order and a secret boss fight will open up. Be careful though. This is silly.

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