“How to Spot the Signs of Getting Fired”: Woman Predicts Getting Fired 2 Months Ahead

between Great resignation, many have recently decided to walk away from their jobs, teaching employers that they can no longer take advantage of their staff and place unreasonable expectations on them. But lately, it seems like no one can win, even employees who decide to stand up to their companies and continue in their current positions. In recent weeks, Many large companies Including Best Buy, Ford Motor, HBO Max, Peloton, Shopify and Walmart have announced holidays. In fact, according to one A recent survey from PWC50% of firms are planning to reduce their staff numbers, and 52% expect to freeze jobs soon if they haven’t already.

If you’re concerned about your job security, we may have the perfect videos for you. Career Coach Eve, OR Admin and Eo On TikTok, she recently shared how she predicted layoffs at her job and how other workers can spot the warning signs. Below, you can listen to her videos, as well as an interview we were lucky enough to receive from her, and be sure to take note of her tips so you can be prepared if your company too. starts placing on the cutting block. . Let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendations on how to approach layoffs, and if you’re interested in reading anything else. KristenBellTattoos.com Article on drama after corporate layoffs, see This story Next.

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This career coach gives all the details on how to predict the upcoming holidays at work.

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Eve shared a series of videos on TikTok detailing her recent experience of being shut down and how others can spot warning signs in the future.

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You can watch Eve’s first video in the series here.

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We reached out to Eve via email to get some more insight into the situation. First, we wanted to know if his previous experiences with corporate layoffs had helped him find out. “I was able to spot it from a mile away because I had experienced it twice before,” she told BoardPanda. Which just reinforced that this is exactly how companies usually handle these situations.”

“I believe it’s because CEOs and leaders have a very specific way of handling these situations,” Eve explained. “Typically the steps are: 1. Recovery, 2. Identifying what can be cut to save the workforce (cleaning, culture/DEI initiatives, reduction in benefits), 3. Any additional cash savings. ceasing plans or initiatives pending termination, 4. deciding who is dispensable (since other deductions are never sufficient), then 5. actual termination.”

Viewers also shared tell-tale signs that a layoff is coming that they’ve observed before.

We also asked Eve what her goals were in sharing this video story. “There are 2 main reasons why I thought it was important to share this story,” she told us. “The sole purpose of my entire platform is to help people navigate their professional experience, with an emphasis on helping people transition their customer service experience into the corporate sector. That would have felt like cheating.” It’s if I hide my professional challenges because I strive for honesty and transparency with my page. Helping people make informed decisions about their careers also means that sometimes even ‘stable ‘Corporate jobs’ are also not always a positive experience or career oriented people think.

“Right now, it feels like everyone is being laid off, but the majority don’t have the ability to do anything about it,” Eve explained. “It’s also the mindset of a generation. To accept the mistreatment from companies and move on in silence,” he shared. “When I told my father about my video series. Told, he said, ‘In my day, when people were fired, we dusted ourselves off and found a new job!’ It seems fundamentally wrong to me that companies are allowed to destroy our livelihoods, and unfortunately our lives, just because they scaled the wrong way (absolutely no effect on the companies!).

“I wanted to use my platform to give a voice to those who have experienced layoffs in hopes that they can learn how to spot these warning signs in the future, possibly on their own. protecting them from that type of experience,” Ive shared with the board. Panda “I also hoped to bring about change within these companies, but I have very little hope of that! Equipping people with knowledge is a better investment than reforming a greedy system that preys on people for money. I don’t prefer it.”

Eve even explained how she knew what day she would be discharged.

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He also expressed his views on the situation.

@adminandeve The most heartbreaking thing is that the leaders are genuinely good people. #CVSPaperlessChallenge #careertiktok #hrtok #laid off #Remote work #Corporate ♬ Claire de Lune – Johann Debussy

We also asked Eve how she’s been doing since the layoff, and thankfully, she reported that she’s “never been better.” “Took some time for myself, went to Disney, and did nothing for about a month,” Eve told KristenBellTattoos.com. “It was the best reset of my life. A month to the day I was fired, I was offered an amazing opportunity at another company, which I will be starting next week!

“The most important factor I’m looking for now. [in my employment] It’s: How will this role benefit me and only me,” Eve shared. “I used to try to look at the bigger picture in terms of opportunity/advancement and compromise on what I wanted because it (could) is) can improve me better. never again. I encourage people to be completely selfish in their job search, and if you have a bad feeling about a company, it’s okay to turn them down! If the comp, benefits, or even people aren’t what you want, there’s no reason to compromise. There are a million similar jobs out there right now that are being hired!”

As predicted, Eve reveals that she has been fired.

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Finally, Eve shared with BoardPanda, “I know that my responses to never settling or compromising for a job can get some backlash. I hear people arguing that I might say, ‘Not everyone has the luxury of turning down an offer, and I totally respect that. The only reason I was able to get hired so quickly is because I’m a professional resume writer. , and my document was strong enough to get the attention of 5 different companies in one week, after only applying to about 20 companies in total.

“Job hunting is hard, but if you have an amazing resume, it honestly makes it a breeze,” Eve told us. “I encourage people to show your resume to the smartest people in your life. Show it to friends who have jobs you want. Show it to someone who will take a look at who you really are. Trusted! Make sure it’s a strong representation of you. You’ll know it’s a great document when the calls start coming in!”

He then explained exactly how it went down.

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It’s wonderful news to hear how well Eve is doing after her layoff, and I’m sure her videos have helped countless others learn the warning signs when they’re in a similar situation. Regardless of how safe and secure you currently feel at work, this knowledge is great to have in your back pocket because we all know how unpredictable the future can be. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced a holiday and if you realized there were warning signs after the fact. And if you want to see more of Eve’s videos with career advice and the full story of her holiday experience, you can find her TikTok AdminandEve. right here.

Finally, Eve shares some of her key takeaways from the experience.

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