How to unlock the Halo Master Chief skin

Good looks rarely come cheap, and the Fall Guys are well aware of that. Per GameRantif players want to wear the Master Chief armor, it will cost 1200 showbucks (just under $10). Showbucks is a newly introduced new premium currency that can be earned through the Premium Battle Pass or purchased directly from the store, starting at $7.99 per 1,000 and receiving progressive discounts as quantity increases. If players don’t feel like the main character, there’s also the Brute Chieftain and Covenant Grunt skin, which are 800 and 400 Show Bucks respectively. If players want to go all-in, there is a bundle that includes all the skins plus the Grunt Panic emote for 2400 Show Bucks (about $20).

Players who want to keep the game truly free will still find something to enjoy. Players can earn points by completing certain objectives during the Spartan Showdown event and receive rewards after reaching certain milestones. According to official blog post from Mediatonic, a few examples of prizes up for grabs: the Spartan at Soul nickname, the SPARTAN nameplate, the AI ​​Construct template, and the Spartan helmet with cat ears. Whether players are planning to purchase the armor set for themselves or simply enter the event to get free goodies, players will want to jump into Fall Guys and join the Spartan Showdown event before it ends.

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