How Vince Gilligan Really Feels About Walt Years After Breaking Bad Ended

While the Breaking Bad creator once thought that Walter White’s story ended with the character winning, he no longer thinks so. Gilligan previously called the ending triumphant because the character died on his own terms, securing a comfortable future for his family.

However, with every year that has passed since the Breaking Bad finale, Gilligan seems to have less and less sympathy for his protagonist. The writer focuses on the fact that if Walter were better, he could easily take the money offered to him by former friends and partners, cure cancer and live a normal life. Not only did Walter turn down the money, the result was a long string of death and destruction. “He’s leaving on his own terms, but leaving a trail of destruction in his wake,” Gilligan told the publication. New Yorker. “I’m focusing on it more than before.”

Gilligan later doubled down on this sentiment, going so far as to say that Breaking Bad was rigged to get viewers to side with Walt over his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn). He says that the extreme dislike for Skyler was misplaced and should have gone to Walter.

“Like, wait a minute, why was this guy so great?” Gilligan said. “He was really prudish and he was really full of himself. His ego was the size of California. And he always considered himself a victim. must. When you take all of that into account, you end up saying, “Why was I rooting for this guy?”

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